How to Retrieve Folders after Shift Delete

Restore folder after Shift Delete in just a short while by using Remo File Recovery software! Entire files in the folder will be recovered. Even lost folders can be retrieved easily from any storage medium!

You know that feeling when an important folder from your PC or laptop is deleted accidentally! Several vital files present in the folder get deleted. However, you can still restore the folder from the Recycle Bin provided it is not emptied yet. But then, if the folder is deleted using Shift Delete command, you cannot even retrieve it from the Recycle Bin.

Moreover, if a folder is Shift deleted from pen drive, memory card, or other external storage drive, then also you cannot restore it. Does this mean that the folder is permanently deleted? Well, no, just because the folder is invisible after deletion doesn’t mean that it is permanently lost. With the help of Remo File Recovery software, retrieving shift deleted folder is easy and quick.

Remo Recover to Restore Shift Deleted Folders –

Remo File Recovery software quickly scans the entire drive to look for the shift deleted folder and recovers it in a short while. All the files present in the folder will be retrieved safely. Whether the folder has been deleted from desktop, laptop, memory card, etc, this file recovery tool by Remo Software gets it back in few steps. You can also make use of this utility to restore folders or files lost from any storage medium.

Steps to Retrieve Folders after Shift Delete –

  • Download Remo Recover software on your system and install it
  • Launch the software and click on Recover Files option from the main screen
  • The software starts scanning your system and locates all the available drives. Choose the drive from where you want to recover deleted files and hit Scan button.
  • Now, the software starts scanning the selected drive. Once scanning is completed, a list of recovered files is displayed. You can view the recovered files in File Type View or Data View
  • Preview the recovered files and save the required files on a desired location

Note: Suppose you have to recover folders or files from external drives, then connect the device to the system on which the Remo Recover software is installed.

Remo File Recovery software also gets back files deleted or lost from various partitions like FAT32, NTFS, exFAT, and so on. It also helps to recover files lost after formatting memory card, pen drive, etc, in less time. The tool works on both Windows and Mac OS and supports their latest versions like Windows 10, macOS High Sierra, El Capitan, and earlier versions.

Other Causes for losing folders apart from shift deletion –

  • Interruption while transferring folders from one storage device to another
  • Ejecting external storage device from the system abruptly
  • Accidentally formatting a drive or partition
  • Emptying Recycle Bin without checking

Remo Recover comes to your rescue under all such scenarios to quickly get back deleted or lost files, folders. After recovery, the tool sorts the recovered data based on file name, date, size and file type. Its user-friendly interface makes data recovery easy even for a novice user.

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