Retrieve Files from Crashed Windows 8

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Windows 8 is one of the most popular graphical interfaces designed and developed by Microsoft Corp. Within the less span of time, Windows 8 has gained the popularity because of its significant features including huge storage capacity, high speed, capable enough to support other storage devices, etc. This makes them most favorite and preferred as compared to other latest versions of the Windows operating system. In spite of such advanced features, at certain times corresponding Windows 8 machine get crashed abruptly. However, the main causes behind such disasters are severe virus or malware attacks, improper system shutdown or abrupt power failure, etc.

Since, your Windows 8 computer may hold large amount of essential file and folders that you never want to lose weather intentionally or unintentionally at any cost. In such instances, usually preserving proper backup of confidential file and folders may help you to resume your regular work without any interruption. Nevertheless, most of us fail to do so or follow these guidelines and end up losing entire data soon after facing Windows 8 crash. Thus, in order to overcome such undesirable situations you can simply utilize an excellent tool so named as Remo Recover Windows software, which has the capability to recover deleted or lost files after Windows 8 crash within few clicks. Further, with the help of this award winning software, you can achieve Windows Vista data recovery after reformat with ease.

Numerous Factors Responsible For Data Loss after Windows 8 Crash:

  • Unethical Changes in BIOS Settings: BIOS plays a vital role in the Windows 8 computer and any sort of changes made in it can reflect great changes. Although, sometimes you try to change default BIOS settings in order to customize your Windows 8 PC result in sudden crash by making undesirable changes making you lose entire data.
  • System Restore Conflict: In order to complete any user defined task, Windows 8 operating system utilizes system resources including input / output ports, internal buses, memory resources, etc. However, at times request of multiple tasks for same system resource give rise to errors and lead to Windows 8 crash in turn make you lose stored data.
  • Severe Virus or Malware Attacks: Whenever you make use of any external storage devices like USB flash drive, Pen drive, etc on Windows 8 PC, continuing without the scanning process can be the cause behind Windows 8 crash result in data loss.
  • Bad Sectors: Sometimes, continues usage of Windows 8 computer even after overheating, hard drive crash, etc might lead to the formation of bad sectors leading to severe crash in turn make you lose entire data within few clicks.
  • Installing Unauthorized Third Party Tool: Whenever you download and install any unreliable third party tool from internet on Windows 8 PC, which can be main cause behind virus infection leading to Windows 8 crash result in data loss.

In order to overcome such unfavorable conditions result in Windows 8 crash in turn lead to data loss, here is an efficient approach so named as Remo Recover software that has the potential to restore lost files including photo, audio, video, documents, spreadsheets, etc after Windows 8 crash. This software has been specialized with built in scanning algorithms to perform rigorous scanning of crashed Windows 8 machine to restore inaccessible data within few minutes. It has the ability to get back data from several logical data disasters on your Windows 8 machine. In addition, it is designed with simple and user friendly interface to make data restoration from crashed Windows 8 system easy and unambiguous.

Moreover, one can make use of this ready to use tool to restore deleted or lost data from crashed Windows 8 hard drive of types like SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc. In addition, this software is well suited to restore lost files from file system including FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT after Windows 8 crash or failure. It is compatible to restore lost files after crash of other versions of Windows OS 7, Vista, XP, 2007, 2003, etc with utmost ease.

Step by step procedure to restore files after Windows 8 crash:

  • Download and Install demo version of Remo Recover software on your system. Now, launch this application to get main screen choose “Recover Partition / Drive” option
  • Then, select “Partition Recovery” option to recover lost data from crashed Windows 8 PC
  • Now, select the crashed Windows 8 hard drive from where data needs to be recovered and click on “Next” option to start the scanning the process
  • Once the scanning process gets completed, list of found partitions / drives will be displayed, choose the desired partition and click on “Next” option
  • Further, the recovered data can be previewed in “File Type View / Data View” option and use the “Preview” option to view restored data prior to saving
  • Finally, if you are satisfied with the demo version and recovery results one can purchase the complete version of the software.

 Note: Simply make use of Remo Recover toolkit to recover data after Windows reinstall within few mouse clicks.

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