How to Remove Cookies from Computer?

Cookies are small text file that gather information about the sites or pages that you have visited on your browser. It can store all information about activity of user on browser such as logging in an account, click on a particular button, visit to different web pages etc. This file is being stored on computer and used at the next time when you will visit the same site to minimize loading time. With continuous surfing on your browser, number of cookie file also increases. With increase in cookies, a large portion of your computer disk space will be consumed by them and it reduces the system performance. If you want to know how to remove cookies from computer, there are several ways to delete them.

There are no specific way to remove cookies from browser on your computer. Each browser offers an option to remove and manage cookies manually. You can use that option to delete cookies from PC otherwise, you can employ a third party application that helps you to remove cookies from computer without any professional knowledge. If you are not comfortable with the setting of browser, use this Remo MORE software that completes this operation in simple clicks. Even, if you do not know the location of cookies in your computer, you can use this software that will help you to find and remove those cookie files.

Since, cookies contain personal information like username & password provided in a site and activities about browsing, many people think that it is an invasion of privacy. That is why you may need to remove cookies from computer to forbid unnecessary access. There are so many people who are not be able to remove cookies from computer from browser option. Moreover, it also a difficult task to perform this operation manually every time. You can resolve these consequences by using this Remo MORE application. It is an automated application that can be scheduled to remove cookies regularly.

Beside increase in cookie files, performance of your browser may decrease due to large browsing history, cache and download history. You should clear those history regularly to obtain sufficient speed in internet browsing. In such case, no need to find any other application, using this utility you will be able to remove all these information from browser easily. You can employ Remo MORE software on different browser including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Mozilla etc to remove cookies and all other history.

This application provides a plenty of features besides deletion of cookies. Using this tool you can remove junk file on your computer, unused programs, clean the free space on the disk etc. It not only protect your privacy but also you can clean duplicate files, optimize hard disk memory, clean registry file to make your computer faster. This software is recommended by majority of industry experts because of its high performance in every operation. It is designed with a simple user interface so that a novice user can use this software easily. This application is equally applicable on all major version of both Windows & Mac computers.

Simple steps to Remove Cookies from Computer :

  1. Download the demo version of this software and install it in your computer. After launching, select "Optimize" option from main screen and select "Privacy Cleaner" option among the lists of options from the next screen to remove cookies from browser as shown in Figure 1.
  2. Then next select Mozilla Firefox browser and choose “Clean Browser Junk” tab in order remove cookies from it as shown in the Figure 2.
  3. Finally you will get the detailed report of deteted cookies from different browser on your computer as shown in Figure 3.
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