Deleting duplicate photos on Mac

If you are fond of taking images of special moments of your life then you may have a nice collection of photos on your Mac computer. The presence of duplicate photos on your Mac computer may create a problem for you in many ways. If you are witnessing such type of problems then do not worry, now you can sort out this problem with the help of Remo MORE software. It is developed specially with an aim to find duplicate photos on Mac.

How duplicate photos get created on Mac?

Generally duplicate photos are generated due to saving same image on Mac multiple times in different locations. It is hard to realize how many duplicate photos are dwelling on your system. If you have downloaded some special photos from Internet then chances are that there might be duplicate photos present in downloaded image folder.

If you are using short cut key to copy and paste your images from your system to some other devices and by mistake you end up in pressing "clt+c" and "clt+ v" command in the same folder then it will create duplicate photos with the same name in that folder.

Disadvantages of duplicate photos on Mac

If you have duplicate photos on your system then it also waste memory space of hard drive. In addition to wasting memory space of hard drive, presence of duplicate photos also clog your system and decrease its performance by reducing the speed of computer. Apart from performance issues, you have to struggle a lot to find out where your pictures are stored on Mac system. Thus in short we can conclude that presence of duplicate photos on Mac computer can cause a lot of problem for you.

There are many benefits you will get after removing duplicate photos from your system. One of those is sure you are going to gain wastage memory space of your hard disk. It will also reduce the scanning time of antivirus. It improves your system speed and increases system performance. There will be not be any type of confliction in accessing the photos from your computer.

Removing duplicate photos from Mac?

There is no doubt about it that finding duplicate photos on Mac computer is a great challenge for a computer user. All the folder present on the hard drive is need to be checked in order to find duplicate images. This is really a cumbersome task which takes a lot of time and effort. This way of finding duplicate photos from Mac computer is not suitable of people having busy schedule, because, they do not have time to do this. Thus, the need of a utility which can easily search duplicate photos on your Mac computer is arise here. Luckily, there is a tool know as Remo MORE which has ability to find and remove duplicate images from Mac in just a fraction of seconds. MORE software is available free of cost and easy to use. It has a special algorithm which helps it to scan hard disk and find photos. If you are in a situation where your Mac computer is having many duplicate photos then try out Remo MORE program, it is famous for its best performance.

Steps to duplicate photos from Mac using MORE:

Step 1: First download and install Remo MORE software in your Mac machine and launch it. After launching select "Optimize" option from main window as shown in Fig1.

Step 2: Now select "Remove Duplicate Option" from the second screen as shown in Fig2.

Step 3: In third screen you get two option one is "Find Duplicate- Drive" and second one "Find Duplicate – Folder ". Select "Find Duplicate- Drive" option to find and remove duplicate photos on Mac drive as shown in Fig3.

Step 4: After this select the drive from where you want to clear duplicate photos and click on "Scan" button as shown in Fig4.

Step 5: In next screen you get a list of duplicate photos present on the selected drive. Select duplicate pictures and click on "Delete Permanently" option to remove those photos permanently as shown in Fig5.

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