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Thanks to the advanced MP4 Video Repair tool from Remo. Remo Repair MOV tool fixes the bad or severely corrupted MP4 video file with ease. Demo version is available for free download and free preview of the repaired file before the activation of the tool. Download now!!!

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"Last week, I was on a vacation trip to New York with my family. I recorded few video clips from my camera and it was saved in MP4 file format. Yesterday, I transferred it to my computer system so as to enjoy watching it with my family, but after few minutes the video got terminated displaying blue screen. May be the MP4 file is corrupted due to some reasons. How to repair bad MP4 video file? Is it possible to fix them now?"

You need not worry about this. You can easily repair such kind of corrupt MP4 video files using some video file repairing software. MP4 video file formats are one of the most widely used video formats over the networks. Video files with this format are usually large in size and contains both audio video codec. It also contains still images, subtitles, etc. in one single file which results into high quality video files.

Nowadays all cameras, camcorders, Smartphone and many other gadgets creates video files with MP4 format. However, like any other video files, MP4 video files can also get corrupted or damaged easily. There are numerous factors that contribute to MP4 video file corruption. Are you one of them who are looking for the perfect solution to fix such corruption issues then you are at right page. Let us see some scenarios that can cause bad MP4 video files.

  • When MP4 file is abruptly terminated while it is been played then there are possibilities that MP4 file may get corrupted or damaged easily.
  • If user tried to play MP4 file in media player that does not support file codec then your favorite MP4 video file may get corrupted. Thus, user will not be able to play it in any media player.
  • For any file to open, header section plays vital role. If this gets damaged due to various reasons like virus, power failure, power spike and many more then file may get corrupted. Similarly, if header of MP4 video file gets damaged then it may lead to MP4 file corruption.
  • Sometimes, user may use some untrustworthy third party editing software to edit MP4 files. There are chances that this tool may cause harm to the video file causing severe MP4 file corruption.

Some safety tips to avoid above mentioned scenarios:

  • To be in safer side, always maintain backup of important video files.
  • Protect MP4 video file from malicious threats using some reliable antivirus program.
  • Before playing MP4 file, do check for the proper codec.
  • Avoid interruption while transferring MP4 video files.

Solution to Fix Bad Mp4 Video Files:

Despite taking above mentioned precautious user may still come across severe MP4 video file corruption. Some users may get clear indication of video file corruption due to some error messages and some may just have to predict it. Whatever be the situation, repairing MP4 video files is easy without taking any technical persons help.

Here is one of the innovative tool to fix damaged video files called Remo Repair MOV utility which has the ability to repair bad MP4 video files with great ease. Its working mechanism is very simple and non-destructive. This software can create exact replica of corrupted MP4 video file and accordingly fix the issues by keep healthy MP4 file as a reference. It repairs both audio and video data frames separately and once the repairing is done it will adjoin together to form healthy playable MP4 file.

Unique Features of Remo Repair MOV Tool:

  • Ability to fix both MOV and MP4 files that are unable to play in any player
  • Capable of fixing MP4 header file as well as MOV header
  • Supports fixing of video files created by all brands of cameras and camcorder
  • Easily fix MP4 and MOV file that are corrupted due to faulty camera firmware
  • Large size video files can be easily repaired
  • Supports repairing of MOV and MP4 video files on all latest versions of Windows and Mac Operating System

Steps to be followed to Repair MP4 File:

  • Download demo version of Remo Repair MOV software and launch it in the system
  • Select a healthy MP4 file for reference and a corrupted file which you need to repair. Then click on "REPAIR"option
  • Quick scanning and repairing process will take place
  • Repaired file list will be displayed on the screen and you can view desired repaired file using "PREVIEW"option
  • User can save fixed MP4 video file in any storage location
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Safe and Secure
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