Repair corrupt Clip board in Word

Repair Word clip board

Sometimes, whenever you try to do “copy-paste” option in word you may fail due to some error message like “Error: Items not collected” or your word document may freeze or doesn’t respond. All these are the signs of indicating the word clipboard corruption. Not just these, in some situations your entire word document might become inaccessible if severely corrupt. As we all know, these word clip board plays an important role while executing copy-paste options. Hence, it becomes very important to be cautious about these clip boards. When you experience such irregularities, don’t get panic. Just be calm! You can fix it easily. But the question is how to repair clipboard in word? However, you have Remo Repair Word software which helps you in repairing your corrupt clipboard in word.

How Remo Repair Word repairs the corrupt clipboard in word?

Remo Repair Word is loaded with numerous features that help you to fix this issue. It’s very difficult to repair your clipboard data in word, but “not impossible”! You can effortlessly repair your corrupt clip board in word. It is designed with smart and deep scanning algorithms, to perform deep scan and extracts the contents or data from the corrupt clip board in word and saves it in a new healthy clipboard.

Even if your entire word document is corrupt, Remo Repair Word can still repairs the corrupt document and also fetches all the other attached attributes like hyperlinks, clip art, pictures and any others for the corrupt word document. Also, if you have encrypted your document or protected with password as a security measure, even then this application can fix and recover corrupt Word document successfully, without any precision loss.

Possible situations in which this tool comes in handy:

  • Template Corruption: A template is a patterns used by word to describe how your document is designed and the way you interact with the document. Whenever this template gets corrupt, you will not be able to open your Word file and its attached attributes like clip board which gets easily damaged
  • Word Crash: Your word document might crashes due to the usage of complex nested tables, using document map features and fast saves, low system resources. In some situations trying to edit the file continuously while it is being loaded, errors while converting the document from one version to another also leads to word document crash.
  • Mishandling the documents: Some situations, might land you in closing the word document abruptly while editing your document or incomplete transfer of the documents from one system to the device or vice versa.
  • Other Reasons: Unexpected system shut down due to power fluctuations, instant power failures etc. while editing the document, conflict with the third party software, malware or virus infection to the document etc.

In all the above situations, your clip board in Word document or your entire word document might get corrupt. However, Remo Repair Word can easily fix this corruption and extracts your entire data from the clipboard. In addition to these, it has other special features that makes it to stand out among all other repair utilities, they are:

  • It is a read-only software, i.e. it extracts the contents from the corrupt word document and saves it in a new healthy file without affecting or changing the original word document
  • In case you have the latest version of word like word 2013 or the oldest version like Word 95, this tool still repairs the corrupt document
  • It is even compatible with all popular versions of Windows OS including Windows 8
  • In case you are not aware of the product or you are a non-technical person, there is no need to worry; Remo Repair Word is designed with metro-styled GUI that provides step-wise instructions to repair your word document.

Three easy steps to repair your clip board in word:

In order to repair your corrupt or damaged clipboard in a Word document you just have to follow three simple steps which is "Download-Browse-Repair", as explained below:

Step 1: Download the Remo Repair Word software from the official website and install it on your PC. Now, run the software

Step 2: Browse your PC to find the word document that needs to be repaired from the next window as shown below Press “Next” to and the repair progress starts



Figure 1: Browse the file

Step 3: Once, it is done; you can preview the document as shown in figure 2

Figure 2: Preview file

and now save it, in any location of your choice as illustrated in figure 3.

Figure 3: Save the repaired document

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