Tool to Repair Corrupt PST File

How to Repair Corrupt .pst Files?

PST file is a specific type of file, which is used by Microsoft Outlook to store all the details about the emails and other Outlook attributes; .pst is the extension for saving these PST files. As and when your Outlook profile is updated, simultaneously the changes will be saved in the .pst file. A small damage or corruption to this file can make your entire Outlook profile inaccessible. Hence, one needs to be very careful in handling the PST file. It can get corrupt due to various reasons like abruptly terminating the Outlook while processing the request, virus infection to the .pst file, oversized PST file and even errors while upgrading the Outlook version etc. All these will make your PST file corrupt. Imagine, if you are in the same situation, what will you do? Nothing, you will be just helpless! Don’t panic, you can repair this corrupt .pst file easily. So now, let’s see how to repair this corrupt .pst file?

Remo Repair Outlook (PST)

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) is the most effective and easiest way to repair the corrupt .pst file. No matter, whatever is the reason behind the corruption, this tool can easily fix the damaged Outlook emails along with other Outlook attributes such as contacts, reminders, appointments, notes, tasks, etc. from the corrupt PST file. Remo Repair is a powerful yet sensitive tool that can recover each and every property like message body, to, from, cc, attachments and bcc etc. of an email from this damaged .pst file.

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) is a comprehensive tool which not only helps to repair PST file but also recovers deleted emails from your Outlook profile. Remo Repair is a non-destructive tool; it just extracts the contents including emails and other Outlook attributes from the corrupt .pst file and saves it in a fresh .pst file without damaging the original one. By using its unique scanning techniques it can repair even the highly encrypted and password protected PST file. This tool effectively fixes the corrupt .pst file which is created in any Microsoft Outlook version.

Why Remo Repair?

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) is a technologically advanced tool which has an interactive look and requires only few user inputs. This tool uses two ways of scanning the PST file and depending on the severity of the damage you can opt either “Normal scan” or “Smart Scan”. In case you are not aware of the exact location of the PST file, you can use the “Find PST” option, which helps you to locate it. Moreover, if your system maintains multiple profiles, you can select one particular profile out of them and repair it with the help of “Select Outlook Profile” option.

How to Use Remo Repair?

In order to repair the corrupt .pst file just follow these few simple steps as stated. Download the trial version of the Remo Repair Outlook (PST) and install it on your PC. Once you launch the software, the tool will display a screen with three options such as “Open PST”, “Find PST” and “Select Outlook Profile”. Depending on the needs, you can choose one of them. Then, select an appropriate scanning method i.e. “Normal Scan” or “Smart scan” and browse to choose the destination path to store repaired PST file and press “Next”. According to your selection the software will scan the PST file and repairs it. Now, you can preview the file using “Preview” option and then if you wish to save them, purchase the tool and then you can save them.

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