Can I recover my Windows XP data?

I reinstalled My Windows XP leaving the current File system, but don’t have backup data? Accidently delete important files using Shift+delete keys in Windows XP? , Can't get valued pictures back from the recycle bin after you emptied it? How to retrieve data from ‘not recognized’ Windows XP OS and reconstruct inaccessible partition?

All these are some of the common scenarios faced by Windows XP. Have you ever experienced such situations, while working on your Windows XP systems? If yes; then how will you get your lost data back? Or in future, if you experience such situations; how will you handle it? Are you prepared for it? Scared? Just chill! “Once you delete or lose your data it is gone forever”, this is what most of the people say when you lose your data on Windows XP. Fortunately, it’s just an assumption; your data is still intact and you can easily rescue it. The only solution for all your queries related “how to rescue data on Windows XP” is Remo Recover (Windows). This is the most effective tool that can easily rescue your lost data from your Windows XP systems.

Situations, when you can use this tool are:

  • File system conversion:  Sometimes, you may have to convert FAT formatted partition to NTFS partition on your Windows XP.  In such instances, you will have to take the proper data backup of the data. This is because, while doing this conversion there are huge chances of losing your vital data. Thus, if you forget to take the data backup for sure you will lose your data on Windows XP.
  • MBR corruption: MBR (Master Boot Record) contains all the entries and details pertaining to your OS i.e. Windows XP. Sometimes when you start your system, you may come across some errors such as Operating System not found, Partition Table is invalid or error while loading OS. All these happen when your MBR gets corrupt. This is because; the entry for the Windows XP in MBR is destroyed.
  • Errors while partitioning: In order to resize your Windows XP you can use some tools like Windows Disk Management utilities. While doing this, sometimes you may encounter some errors. These error messages don’t even allow you to access the files even from the existing partitions, thus making it inaccessible.
  • Other Reasons: Accidental deletion of your vital files, formatting your Windows XP partition without taking the backup and many others.

Precautionary steps before restoring the data:

  • Once, you lose data, stop using the drive from where you lost your data
  • Make use of Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) device to prevent from power fluctuations
  • Make use of significant data recovery software i.e., read only software in order to recover data

Best Features of Remo Recover (Windows)

Remo Recover (Windows) can effortlessly rescue all your lost or deleted data from your Windows XP. Even if your hard drive contains bad sectors, this tool creates the disk image and extracts data from it by skipping the bad sectors. In case of Windows XP is reformatted, it ignores the present file system and restores data from the previously installed file system of your Windows XP system.

If you have lost data from your iPods, USB devices, SD cards, external hard drives etc. even then you can use this tool to recover your data. Remo Recover is also compatible with other latest versions of Windows OS like Windows 7, Vista, and Windows 8 etc. additionally, it supports lost data recovery from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, and ExFAT formatted partitions also.

Why users prefer Remo Recover?

Remo Recover has the most intuitive user interface and its GUI has been updated to support even the touch enabled devices. It has many features that allow you to perform the recovery by your own. In some cases you can even restrict the recovery process to a particular file type by using the “Select File type” option. Also, after recovering the files, you can identify and locate each type of file by using the “Find-Tool”. Along with these, you can even compress the recovered files and save them at any location of your choice

Steps to recover your Windows XP data?

Step 1: Download the Remo recover on your Windows XP, and install it

Step 2: Run the software and from the main screen choose Recover Partitions, and then select your Windows XP hard drive from the list of available drives and click Scan option

Step 3: Now, the software scans the hard drive to find the partitions in it. Once scanning is completed, a list of found partitions in the hard drive are listed.

Step 4: Choose the required partition from where you want to recoevr files, and click Scan button

Step 5: Now, the software starts scanning the drive and once it completes you can view them either as a Data view or File Type view

Step 6: Preview each file using Preview option and if you are satisfied with the tool, then purchase the complete version to save them at any location of your choice.

To restore data after formatting your Windows XP system, refer this page.

For detailed Description of the recovery process, just check this video:


Do not save your recovered data on the same drive or device from where you recovered. Use a healthy drive or location and save there.

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