Recover permanently deleted doc files from Samsung Series 9 Notebook

Your Doc files may be of great importance to you. Important office project work files, study notes, eBooks, useful net content are usually stored as doc files.  When you store large number of files on your Samsung series 9, it is difficult for you to keep track of all your important files. One day you wish to clear the system of all unwanted files. You choose the shift + delete command to delete all unwanted files. In the process you unmindfully delete your important office documents as well. When you realize your mistake, you are in a fix. Just don’t know how to get them back. You can recover permanently deleted doc, docx files by using Remo File Recovery software, in just few steps.

People feel worth to use Samsung series 9 13.3" notebook due to its solid power efficient performance and long battery backup of seven hours. It contains a huge 128 GB solid state drive that gives you lot of space for storing files. One unbeatable advantage with this laptop is that the probability of losing data is low because the solid state drive has no moving parts. The best part of this notebook is the SDD ensures 60% faster booting capacity than hard disk drive.

As mentioned above, you can recover your deleted doc files, docx files using Remo Recover (Windows) Basic Edition. You can also restore your other types of documents, ppt files (.ppt, .pptx), and excel files.  You can use this tool to recover file from memory cards, flash drives, USB drives, iPods and external drives. There are few effortless steps to be followed to recover your doc files. First Download the application and set up in your Samsung notebook. Then run the software, tick on “Recover files” and then tick on “Recover deleted files”. Choose the drive from where you would like to recover your deleted doc files then click on next option. Lastly, select the file that you want to retrieve and select the drive to save your restored file.


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