Increase Battery Life of Phone

The major concern for users who are using phone is how to save battery furthermore we all know that modern phones are equipped with many extraordinary features, and most of the times this features can literally consume much of your battery charge. However due to the advancement of technology most of the users carry portable charger and use it whenever the battery charge has gone low, but what if your battery is quickly getting discharged and you are frequently charging it. If so, then avoid it because repeated charging can reduce the battery life and instead try to employ some methods which can boost your battery life.

To measure the efficiency of battery a user has to see that the duration of time between each charge of battery is extended. As mentioned earlier that modern devices are equipped with many advance features which can consume lot of your device resources but some features of your phone can be used in an appropriate manner so that it can consume less resources and save much of your battery life. However there are several best practices by which one can save the battery of their phone, thus here are some of them which can help you.   

  • Brightness is one of the several ways by which you can reduce battery consumption, thus if your phone is using high brightness then reduce it or use Auto-Brightness feature which can automatically save battery by adjusting brightness of the screen based on light around your phone
  • Use the following features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Location Services, live wallpaper, vibrate, cellular data and others only when they are necessary to you    
  • Many phones have battery saving mode (which may differ depending on device), thus search for this feature and make use of it to save battery life
  • Do not install many apps and if possible uninstall unnecessary apps from your phone as every app will some or the other way consume some memory and other resources
  • Set the screen timeout of your phone to the shortest so that your phone can go into sleep and consume less battery
  • There are certain apps like your mail account which are synced to online services therefore if you don’t really want to sync your account then disable the sync services as it may consume lot of battery
  • Avoid over charging and as well as complete discharge of your battery because this can affect the battery life
  • Remove unnecessary widgets used in your phone

These are some of the ways by which you can save your phone’s battery however above mentioned methods can be at times difficult for some users who are novice. In this condition you can make use of a handy app called Remo MORE which can control all these features efficiently. This valuable app allows you to have information about Power Saver, Balanced Mode and High Performance of your device; moreover it permits you to add your own plan so that you can stick to your requirements depending on situations. This multitasking app is free to use and consumes very less amount of memory to get installed on your device.

Steps to use Remo MORE application

  • Download the app on your Smartphone and install it
  • Open the program and from the main screen click on “Manage” option as in Figure 1
  • From the next slide select “Power Manager” which is as indicated in Figure 2
  • Now here you can manually change setting of brightness, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, screen timeout, mobile data, auto sync etc. also you can add your own plan by clicking “Add” option as shown in Figure 3
  • Next set all the necessary things and provide name to your plan, then click on “Apply” option indicated in Figure 4
  • Finally you will be shown that the profile is created which is displayed as in Figure 5
Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure
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