Shutdown Your Computer Automatically

Normally one can shut down the computer one or two ways. The first is to manually shutdown your computer when you leave it. The second is to use the Windows power settings to automatically put your computer to sleep, hibernation or shutdown mode after a span of time. The problem is that these options are not very feasible. For example, suppose you are downloading one of your favorite actors film from internet. You know that it will take few hours for it to be complete, and you are about to leave for office. And you don’t want your system to run all day idle, but you want to download the file completely.

In such a case, Remo MORE software provides solution to this dilemma and number of other scenarios by turning off your system when certain conditions are met. These can depend on time, processor activity, memory activity or network activity. Besides, not just for shutting down your computer actually you can use this software to place your system shutdown in seven different states such as restart, logoff, lock, hibernate, standby and screen standby. When your computer meets the condition that you specify in software, it will automatically go into the state you chosen. Then, it will most likely ignore any program you are running at the time conditions are met. In other words, you are suggested not to carry out any crucial work because there are fair chances of losing data.

This software is based on the certain conditions set by the users. The most basic conditions that can be set are the time condition such as you can set a timer, and system shut down when the time is up. For example, let’s say you want your system to turn off in ten minutes. Once the timer is set, it will count down until the time is up at which point your computer will go into the state you have selected. This is more beneficial if you want to schedule a shut down that will be a day or two away. With the help of this software, you can schedule processor activity to shut down your system. It is more useful when you run processor runs intensive programs that take even hours to complete the operation. Even, you can also set condition based on temperature and prevent processor overheating using this software.

However, you can employ this tool to set a condition based on network activity. Also, you can use this tool to easily choose the network adapter that will be monitored and once it reaches a certain point your computer will be placed in a selected state. This program is immensely useful if you are really concerned about the system running at idle state and consuming power when it doesn’t need to. It can be used as a sort of protection program – for example, you might set it to shutdown If processor activity or network becomes too high while you are away, as this condition indicates a Virus or Trojan attack.

Easy Steps to Fix Computer after Getting Automatically ShutDown:

Step 1: Launch Remo MORE application on your computer and select "Manage" option from main window as shown in Figure 1

Step 2: Now, select "Shutdown Manager" option as shown in Figure 2

Step 3: Set the time which you want to shut down your computer automatically and click on "Apply" button as shown in Figure 3

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Safe and Secure
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