How to Solve Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery Issue

Recently I bought a Samsung Galaxy s3 Android Smartphone due to availability of more excellent features such as good battery backup, user friendly OS, storage and other features. Initially its battery backup was good but installing few games app and application software, its battery power is draining very quickly. Due to this, I need to charge it repeatedly and even I am fed up a lot. Please provide some tips to fix this issue as soon as possible. Thanks in advance..

 This is one of the major issues in Smartphone users, and they are feeling bad even though Smartphone has better features and user-friendly interface. But no need to worry at all you can fix this issue in your Samsung Galaxy S3 by following below mentioned tips and tricks.

  • Use LTE only when needed and most of the time utilize 3G network
  • Keep feature that you use all the time and turn off other features that are not needed on every day.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi, mobile data, radio, NFC connections when not in use that consumes more battery power
  • Minimize screen brightness by setting manually and minimize screen time out
  • Do not use live wallpapers and more graphics one, instead use simple one
  • Remove unnecessary apps and widgets from screen
  • Switch off your phones when there is no network

By following above-mentioned tips on your Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone one can easily minimize battery draining issue. But the problem is most users neglect in following these tips and still worry a lot about battery draining issue and few others find difficult in following all these instructions. Therefore, in order to fix Smartphone battery issue in simple steps then it is best utilize third party application. Remo MORE is one of the free apps that provides rich user-friendly interface that makes all users to fix this issues in simple clicks.

Remo MORE app is specially designed to fix Smartphone various issues including battery draining. It provides option to user to create own profile to save battery as much as possible. In addition, it prompts user when unnecessary power is consuming in your Smartphone. In addition, it supports various versions of Samsung Galaxy Smartphone in fixing battery draining problem, such as Samsung Galaxy S1, S2, S3, and other Samsung series Smartphone, HTC, LG, Droid X, Sony and other available Smartphone brands. This application is compatible on all available Android OS versions.

Steps involved in using the Remo MORE app

Step 1: Download Remo MORE app and Install on your Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone successfully
Step 2: Launch the application and click on Manage option on main screen as depicted in Figure 1
Step 3: Next, you click on Power Manager” option as shown in Figure 2
Step 4: Now create your own profile by clicking on “Add” option as shown in Figure 3
Step 5: Then provide all necessary information, and click on “Apply” button as given in Figure 4
Step 6: Finally, once your profile is created; your Galaxy S3 will be ready for use as given in Figure 5

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Safe and Secure
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