Best Tool to Speed Up and Old Laptop

Hello everyone, my laptop is only two years old but its running really very slow for a while now I had stopped using it much! For instance: when using open office I would start tying a sentence and nothing would appear for half of the sentence, the spell check didn’t work at all or when I try to open any applications it takes more than 2 minutes , now I am really fed up it’s really too much! Therefore, I am looking for the simple way to sort out this problem. Can anyone suggest me the appropriate software to speed up my old laptop, well in advance thank you.

Nowadays, most of the users are asking help in numerous forums regarding how to speed up an old laptop. Well, for this answer is just go through with this short informative article! For those users who really don’t wish to splash out on annual updates, giving their laptop a habitual tweak might save you from the irritation of slow laptop.

Few Tips Through Which You Can Speed Up an Old Laptop:

Stop Unused Background Programs: Generally, Windows OS regularly allows programs to run in the background without any user knowledge to keep things moving rapidly and they are essential for running the laptop. But some programs automatically run on background as they are no useful and take vital processing power; for example: Skype, games, Dropbox, etc. Just stop these kind of programs by going to Taskbar - > Now from the right side of screen a little arrow or hidden icons, on that icon right click, it will get deactivated.

Perform Disk Defragmentation: Over the time files are scattered in different sectors of hard disk. By performing disk defragmentation process you can easily remove all the mess and orderly organize all the folders and files in your laptop HDD. This process is available under programs - > system tool section.

Use Advanced Laptop Optimization Tools: By performing optimizer tool you can easily fix all the laptop error within minutes. This program is really useful for those users who are not technically sound enough.

Other Things: Uninstall unused applications, remove the junk files, upgrade your hardware components, clear cache, remove cookies, etc.

Well to perform all the above mentioned steps, you must be aware of technical knowledge otherwise while performing these steps even a single wrong move can leads to huge amount of data loss. Therefore, the best and foremost thing is to go with third party utility like Remo More. This software automatically erases all junk files, tracks of recently used temp files, Recycle Bin file and document history instantly and increases your laptop speed.

Remo More Software Silent Features:

  • The software compatibly runs on Windows OS (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2003, 2008, Windows Vista, etc) and Mac OS X (Mavericks, Snow Leopard, Lion, Leopard, Mountain Lion, etc) on old laptops
  • The software is designed with powerful incorporated attributes such as registry cleaner, memory optimizer, privacy cleaner, free space wipe, etc which helps you to enhance your laptop speed by optimizing HDD space
  • Remo More software even provides an option “Setting” through which you can schedule it to run periodically and notify you with an issue related to laptop.
  • Even you can clear browser history, cache, cookies and many more with few clicks of mouse.

Simple Steps to Speed Up an Old Laptop Using Remo More Software:

  1. First, download the Remo MORE application and install it on your computer.
  2. Once you launch this software, it starts scanning the laptop as shown in Image 1.
  3. After scanning is finished, software shows a detailed report of issues that need to be fixed to speed up laptop as shown in Image 2.
  4. Here you have to click on Fix Issues button to resolve all the conflicts and to make your laptop run faster as shown in Image 3.
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Safe and Secure
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