How to Speed Up iMac

Is your iMac system running slowly? Are you unable to find issues causing your iMac to run slowly? Read this article thoroughly to know tips and guidelines to find issues that are slowing your system performance and even learn how to fix them in simple steps.

  • Remove unnecessary desktop icons: Keeping too many icons on your desktop screen can affect system’s performance. This is because Mac OS X can treat every desktop icon as an individual window.
  • Disable widgets: If you use widgets or dashboards, they utilize system’s resources unnecessarily. Normally, widgets are small programs that are frequently running in the background. Due to this, other programs will find lack of resources to run quickly.
  • Disable startup programs:  After installing some programs, they will automatically start up when Mac OS X boots up. These programs unnecessary run in the background and consume system’s resources. This causes your system to take too much tile boots up.
  • Install fresh copy of Mac OS X: Some error message may display while your system boots up. This means your system OS has been corrupted due to this some programs will not run quickly and even come up with errors.
  • Defrag system hard disk: Saving huge sized file s and deleting from hard disk will create fragmented files. More the number of fragmented files in hard disk will affect system’s performance. Hence, defrag the system’s hard disk regularly.

List of above-mentioned things will cause your iMac system to run slowly. You need to fix all these issues in your iMac system to gain best speed. However, users who does not aware of technical things find difficulty in finding issues which slowing your iMac system. In addition, some user does not find time to follow above said tips and guidelines on their iMac system. Hence, they look for any third party application to speed up their systems. You can easily achieve best speed in your iMac system by utilizing Remo MORE application in simple steps. This can easily identify all issues which slowing your iMac system meanwhile fixes them. In order to do all these you need to perform some simple clicks on application. In addition, this application is designed with an outstanding GUI that gives complete on-screen guidelines in the entire process.

Additional info: Remo MORE suite can speed up iMac G3, iMac G4, iMac G5, and other recent released versions of iMac. In addition, you can this application speed up laptops, Smartphone, tablets, etc. It supports Windows, Mac, iOS and Android Operating System.

Guidelines to use Remo MORE

  • Download demo version of Remo MORE and install on your iMac device successfully
  • Launch the application by clicking on shortcut icon created on desktop
  • Choose Enhance option from main screen to speed up your device Figure 1
  • In next screen click on One Click Maintenance option Figure 2
  • Application starts scanning your device. This will take few minutes to complete
  • Once scanning process is done, application displays detailed report of issues found in device
  • Now you click on Fix Issues option to fix all issues successfully Figure 3
  • Once all these issues fixed you can gain better speed in your iMac device
Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure
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