Know how can you make internet faster!

Slow internet speed is a common issue for most of computer users. To get better speed, they switch internet service provider, change plans but even situation remains almost same. Actually, system maintenance issues are also responsible for causing internet slow. If you are also running out of this problem, read this informative article and know how to get faster internet.

However, you can get fast internet speed by switching different plans but it is not a cost effective way to get maximize speed. Additionally, always internet service provider is not responsible for slow internet speed. There can be some maintenance issue in your system that may affect internet speed badly. Therefore, rather you spend money and time in choosing internet plans, make some changes on your systems and get better speed.

If you are more than one task at the same time, it can slow down the internet speed. Opening so many tabs on a browser or launching different browsers simultaneously can affect browsing speed. Internet surfing and downloading should not be performed all together. When you are surfing internet, try to stop downloading as it increases usage of bandwidth and slow down the internet speed. For example, when you are browsing if a movie file is being downloaded, it will affect browsing speed. Apart from this, when you are surfing on browser, close other applications such as games, media player etc that are running in background.

You can improve internet speed by customizing browser settings also. When you visit any website all loaded web documents get stored on local machine. Cookie and cache are two most important component of browser that keeps record of previously visited pages and websites. Next time when user request for the same page, it gets downloaded from local machine. In this way, it takes lesser time in giving response or loading pages. If you erase internet history once in a day or week, you will get amazing improvement in browsing speed.

There are some other reasons for slow internet speed such adding so many bookmarks. If you are bookmarking your favorite sites continuously but not removing unused bookmarks, it will treated as junk and deliver negative effect on browser efficiency. Similarly, check for various adds-on that you have installed on browser to add extra features. Uninstall these adds-on and browser extensions to enhance internet speed. In addition, delete all junk data from your system such as download history, temporary internet files etc. Update your browser or you can switch to other one if it required.

Steps to Speed up internet Speed

Step 1: Go to “Computer”, open C Drive, “Windows” folder and then “System32

Step 2: In that folder, search and select “gpedit.msc” or “gpedit” file

Task Manager
Figure 1: Open Gpedit

Step 3: Now, a Local Group Policy Editor window will appear

Task Manager
Figure 2: Local Group Policy Editor

Step4: At left-pane of the windows expand the “Administrative Template” and under Network choose “QOS Packet Schedule”

Task Manager
Figure 3: QOS Packet Schedule

Step 5: Then in the right panel just click on “Limit Reservable Bandwidth” option

Task Manager
Figure 4: Limit Reservable Bandwidth

Step 6: You will now receive a window with some options, click on enable and set the Bandwidth to “0

Task Manager
Figure 5: Set Bandwidth

To apply these changes on your computer, you can call an expert or even try with yourself but has to be very careful. However, it is not a good deal to pay money and also you cannot perform all these changes effectively. To come over this problem, user must take advantage of a proficient tool such as Remo MORE. It provides you powerful options to fix all issues causing internet speed slow. Once you launch this app on your system, it removes all junk data from browser and makes it faster.

Steps to speed up internet:

Step 1: Download and install Remo MORE internet speed booster on your device, and click on “Enhance” option from main screen as shown in Figure 1

Step 2: Now select “Internet Speed Enhancer” option to boost internet speed as shown in Figure 2

Step 3: Select “Optimize Speed” option to choose network type and then select “Optimize” button as shown in Figure 3

Step 4: Once the customization is done, you will see the message “Your internet settings have been optimized successfully” as shown in Figure 4

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