How to Speed Up Internet in Android Device

Recently I have purchased a highly configured Android Smartphone but I am facing internet speed issues in it. Please provide simple tips and tricks to enhance speed of internet quickly. Thanks in advance..

Nowadays most of user wish to purchase Android Smartphone due to user-friendly graphics and satisfies customer requirements in low cost. Android Smartphone are most advantages in capturing photos, storing data in huge amount and browsing facility. However, initially browsing speed will be normal, as days over user might install new application that consumes ram memory due to which internet speed will reduce gradually. Besides there are many reasons behind it including internet plan you use but no need to worry; here are few simple tips and tricks to enhance your internet speed in Android device.

  • Clear Cache: Cache memory of your mobile store recently browsed information, passwords, auto filling data, and other application data. However, bigger the size of cache memory more will be your internet speed hence, frequently cleanup your cache memory in your Android mobile.
  • Update firmware: If any notifications related to firmware you receive in your mobile, then update your phone with recent released firmware that will fixes any issues of phone and boost your phone performances.
  • Avoid applications: Don’t install unnecessary application on your Smartphone that will decrease the speed of internet and even uninstall the application which is no longer in useful.
  • Avoid downloading: While you surfing internet in your Smartphone then avoid downloading movies, videos, etc which will decrease the speed of browsing.
  • Update browser: Keep updating new release of browser application that you use in your Smartphone, which also help you in increasing speed of browsing.
  • Increase ram memory: You can also speed up internet in Android Smartphone by increasing RAM memory by deleting junk files, temporary files, etc.

Above-mentioned steps help you to speed up internet in Android Smartphone. However, these steps take too much time in following them and even if you are novice user then it is difficult to follow them. Besides, you feel bored of following steps repeatedly before browsing internet. Looking into all these factors opting third party application like Remo MORE free app is best choice, which can easily fix all issues automatically and increases internet speed in your Android Smartphone.

Other advantages of Remo MORE app

  • User-friendly application
  • Easy, safe and secure to use
  • Supports all versions of Android OS
  • Supports multiplatform such as windows, iOS, Mac
  • Provides free tech support

Guidelines to speed up internet in Android Device

  • Download and install the Remo MORE free app in your Android device successfully. Then, launch it and choose “Enhance" option from welcome screen as given in Figure 1
  • Next, click on "Enhancements & Recommendations" as given inFigure 2
  • App will list out all issues and related resolution to enhance internet speed as given in  Figure 3
Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure
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