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My PC is running slow! How to boost its performance?

Overtime, the speed of your computer decreases as and when you save new files. The main reason for this is disk fragmentation, wherein your files will be fragmented into various small parts and saved on different locations, where ever the free space is found. As files are saved on your hard drive your computer becomes more and more fragmented. Due to this, when you try to access a single file your OS needs to collect all the chunks of that file, rearrange them and then opens the file. Even when you boot your system or run any application, the same process will have to be followed. This reduces the overall performance of the computer.

So, in such cases you will be worried on how to speed up my computer? Am I right? Don’t worry, just by defragmenting your hard drive you can boost your computer speed. For this make use of the Remo Drive Defrag tool, that can efficiently defrag your entire hard drive successfully.

Significant traits of Remo Drive Defrag

Remo Drive Defrag is an excellent tool that can securely defragment your entire hard drive within just few minutes.

  • It performs the complete system analysis, recollects all parts of the fragmented files and saves them in a contiguous manner
  • The tool can easily defrag your hard drive of any types like SATA, SCSI, IDE and others
  • Can even defrag your external hard drives, thumb drives and other USB drives
  • Allows you to even defrag only the selected files that are fragmented
  • Permits you to perform this defragmentation either manually or can be scheduled to perform automatically
  • Reduces the work load on the hard drive, by efficiently managing the storage space

Specific features of Remo Drive Defrag

Remo Drive Defrag is designed with many user-friendly options. This helps you out to easily defrag your hard drive and increase your PC speed. It offers two options like “Quick Defragmentation mode”; to defrag only the selected files and “Deep Defragmentation mode”; to defrag the entire drive. Moreover, the utility performs complete system analysis both before and after the defragmentation process. It even provides the report of the analysis.

Once your Drive is defragmented, all your fragmented files will be saved in a contiguous manner. Hence, this in turn increases your PC speed. With this tool, the entire defragmentation process takes just few minutes. It ensures safe process that does not either corrupt your data or deleted any files form your hard drive. Because of these traits, Remo Drive Defrag is the most efficient and user preferred tool to boost their PC performance. You can also employ this advance toolkit to defrag external hard drive.

How to use Remo Drive Defrag?

It is very simple and easy to carry out defragmentation using Remo Defrag Software. All you need to do is, download and install the software on your Windows PC and just follow the simple steps described below:

  • Double click on the product icon to run the application
  • Then select the drive that you want to defragment and click on Analyze tab
  • Once the analysis process completes, click on “Next” button to view complete report
  • Now from the two defragmentation options, select “Deep Defragmentation mode” to defrag your entire hard drive and click on “Next” button
  • Just view the defragmentation analysis report and click Finish tab

Now, your entire hard drive will be completely defragmented. Thus, now you can notice the drastic increase in your PC speed.

Important points

  • Backup your all important data from the hard drive before defragmentation
  • Applications like antivirus and firewall should be closed for effective defragmentation
  • Keep defragging your hard drive regularly to increase your PC performance       
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Safe and Secure
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