How to increase the speed of Wi-Fi connection?

If you are one of those who are using Wi-Fi for internet connection then you might have come across a situation when your internet starts working too slow. This is really an irritating issue and generally leads to a great problem for any user. There could be many reasons why your speed is less than for what you pay. First of all you need to use upto date technology for getting a good Wi-Fi connection. In spite of all possible solutions your system is experiencing low Wi-Fi connection problem then you should go for a tool which can easily resolve all your Wi-Fi related problems in just a matter of seconds. Remo MORE is a best program which has ability to find out the root cause behind slow speed of your Wi-Fi connection and lets you optimize in just simple clicks of mouse.

How do Wi-Fi connection works?

It is absolutely necessary to understand the working methodology of Wi-Fi in order to sort out the problem arose in Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi is a local area network which is also referred as WLAN. Wi-Fi uses a group of frequencies clustered 2.4 GHz to send and receive data packets between two nodes( usually it is computer). The protocol that governs the data being transferred between two computers is known as 802.11. Two devices being regulated on the same frequency that is 2.4 GHz can catch the signal of each other’s. Thus if there is any problem related to this setting then it results in slow internet connection or sometime it acts as disconnection as well. Since the signal between two devices is transferred with the help of frequency, there is high chance due to noise or other interference this communication might disturbed.

What to do for increasing the speed of Wi-Fi connection?

In order to speed up Wi-Fi connection you should perform some basic operation like check all your setting that are responsible for data communication between your computer and Wi-Fi network point. You should also check for protocol that is being used for Wi-Fi communication. Always perform deletion of your browsing history it can increase the speed upto certain extent. In spite of doing all these things, if your connection is slow then you should definitely make use of Remo MORE, the most famous tool for boosting Wi-Fi connection in just a simple clicks of mouse. It comes absolutely free of cost. This tool has been developed on the top of a very strong algorithm which is implemented by highly qualified professionals. It has a very nice user interface which makes it simple in use. It provides you a facility by making use of which you can schedule it to regularly perform analysis regarding the working status of Wi-Fi.

I would like to suggest you that if you are hunting software for speeding up your Wi-Fi connection then do make use of the most prominent tool, Remo MORE. It can easily and effortlessly resolve all your issues of Wi-Fi connection in a matter of seconds.

Simple steps to speed up Wi-Fi connection:

  1. Download and install the Remo MORE utility on you system and launch it. From the main screen select the Enhance option to go on next screen. Then choose "Internet Speed Enhancer" from this screen as shown in Figure 1.
  2. Select "Optimize Speed" from this screen of Remo MORE tool as shown in Figure 2.
  3. After this MORE suit will show you list of network type ,select the Wi-Fi and then click on "Optimize" tab as shown in Figure 3.
  4. Once the issues relatated to your Wi-Fi connection are resolved and speed is optimized then you will get confirmation message as shown in Figure 4.
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