How to Speed Up Windows 8 Laptop

Is your new Windows 8 laptop running very slowly? Are you waiting for longer time to initiate any application? Do not you know how to fix this issue in Windows 8? No need to worry; here are few tips and instructions that really help you out in enhancing your Windows 8 laptop speed very quickly.

  • Disable unnecessary windows 8 services
  • Use windows 8 ready boost
  • Disable all useless metro apps in windows 8
  • Disable time-wasting animations
  • Avoid using pinpoint apps that utilizes lots of system resources
  • Manage your startup programs
  • Use included security programs
  • Modify power settings
  • Put your computer to sleep mode instead of shutting down your laptop
  • Defrag hard drive
  • Attempt for hard disk bad sectors recovery
  • Minimize startup applications
  • Avoid storing files on desktop
  • Clear junk, internet temp files
  • Clean up memory space
  • Utilize more RAM memory

An above-mentioned tip that really helps users to boost their Windows 8 system speed very efficiently. However, these tips and instructions look very simple but in order to follow them you need to aware of Window 8 features and options. In addition, you need to check which app, services or features using your system resource without any necessary. If you are newly using system then it is very difficult to follow these instructions and you need to perform them daily. Hence, it is very tedious to follow them. In order to overcome this issue you can make use of third party application like Remo Optimizer.

This Remo Optimizer is very user friendly in nature that helps all users to operate this tool and furnish all tasks very quickly. Using this you can easily find out issues which slowing your system’s speed and can easily fix them instantly. Moreover, this app scans your system at every system starts up and finds all issues in a couple of minutes.

Other advantages of Remo Optimizer app

  • Support other OS such as Mac, iOS, Android
  • Completely free from virus attacks
  • Provides free tech support
  • Compatible for tablets, Smartphone, laptops and systems

Easy Solution to Speed up Windows 8 laptop

  1. Remo Optimizer software should be downloaded and installed on Windows 8 laptop. Then, you have to launch to begin scanning process of your computer figure 1.
  2. Once scanning process gets completed, the software will display list of issues. You can select the issues which you want to repair and click on Fix Issues figure 2.
  3. In the end after fixing all your systems issues you will get conformation notification figure 3.
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