How to speed up Windows XP?

Windows XP is one of the popular operating system developed by Microsoft. Even though it is an older version, yet it is used by most of the people across the globe. However it has been noticed over a period of time of use it starts working slow as compared to its normal speed, which generates a lot of problem for users. It is completely painful working with a computer which is working slow and responding late to your requests. If you are having any similar type of problem with your computer then do not worry, you can optimize the speed of your system with the aid of most popular tool Remo MORE. It is developed by highly qualified professionals and has ability to improve the speed of Windows XP within short time.

Why Windows XP work slowly?

  • Recycle Bin full of junk data: Most of the users have misconception that if they delete junk files from their computer then space occupied by them becomes empty. But the fact is that these files will be moved to Recycle Bin. They still reside on hard drive and if Recycle Bin is full from such data then it slow down the performance of computer.
  • Unwanted Features: If too many features are keep running which really does not required, then they consume the computing power of processing unit which in turns decreases the speed of your computer. For example having 3-D wallpapers, heavy screen saver etc.
  • Improper installation of applications: In order to uninstall a particular application many computer users prefer to delete the entire application directory and think that it is uninstalled from computer. But, one thing I would like to clarify that simple deleting the entire application directory does not mean that your application is uninstalled from your system. Because, all the files written to Windows directory and changes to Registry will remain same and the moment you restart your computer they may again reloaded.

How to speed up Windows XP?

You can enhance the speed of your Windows XP by resolving the performance issues manually by uninstalling the unnecessary software from computer from control panel and deleting junk data from temporary files. This process is lengthy and takes a lot of time and effort.

Another way is with the aid of automated tool which can easily detect and fix issues. Most of the Windows XP users prefer tool over manually resolving the issues to save time and effort. When you Google for a tool to speed up Windows XP speed, you will be served with plethora of utility which claims to fix problem related to speed of Windows XP. Remo MORE software is a widely accepted and popular tool which has earned a good identity for its reliability and super performance. Its graphical user interface helps user by giving a step by step guidance. It uses a very complex and advanced algorithm which deeply scans the hard drive of computer and lists all type of issues in quick span of time. It is completely free and hundred percent result oriented and reliable tool. Without thinking much, give a try for MORE suite which cleans all the junk data from your computer and performs the defragmentation of hard drive in order to improve the speed of a system.

Steps to use Remo MORE to improve the speed of Windows XP:

  1. Download and install the Remo More utility on you system and launch it. From the main screen select the "Enhance" option to go on next screen. Then choose “Start-up Speed Enhancer” from this screen as shown in Imgae 1.
  2. Select "Start" option from this screen of Remo MORE to increase the performance of system as shown in Image 2.
  3. After this MORE software will show you list of programs that are being run in the background without serving any need and slowing the speed of system. Select the programs which you want to disable as shown in Image 3.
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