How to Boost Laptop Speed?

Is your laptop taking too much time to do a single task? Are you sick of slow laptop speed? Do not know how to fix this issue? Do you need any useful guidance? Go through this article thoroughly to know useful advice and guidelines to boost laptop speed in simple steps. In addition, you can use these useful tips to enhance old laptop speed too.

  • Remove Unwanted Programs: Most users install many applications even though they are not required for you. Unwanted application utilizes laptop resources and slows down its speed. Hence, it is highly recommended you to uninstall all unwanted application. All you need to do is to go control panel and click on add or remove option to uninstall programs.
  • Delete cookies and temporary internet files: browsing internet in your laptop regularly using any browser application that stores cookies and temporary internet files on your laptop memory. These files simply utilize laptop memory which results in slow laptop speed. Go to internet options in your browser application and delete cookies. To remove temporary internet files, go to C drive and right click to choose Disk Clean option.
  • Perform disk defragmentation: Normally huge sized files are scattered in different parts of laptop hard disk memory. These fragmented file takes up more time to open. Hence, disk fragmentation is the ultimate solution to remove all the mess and tidy up all files and folders on hard drive. But this process takes hours to complete but this process effective is noticeable immediately.
  • Reduce startup programs:  Some startup programs will start immediately when you boot up your laptop. But these programs utilizes laptop resource and reduces booting time of your laptop. In addition, these keeps running in background consuming ram memory. Due to this, you may notice slow laptop speed. Hence, remove unwanted startup programs from system.

You can gradually boost up laptop speed by following above mentioned tips and guidelines in your laptop. However, these processes take more time and you need to do it regularly in your laptop. Some user find time do it and few of them find difficulty in following these guidelines to attain laptop speed. Hence, you can easily speed up your laptop speed by utilizing third party application like Remo MORE. This application follows all instructions have told in earlier paragraph in few minutes. All you need to do is you have to perform few clicks on utility.

Guidelines to use this Remo MORE utility to speed up Laptop quickly

Step 1: Download and launch Remo MORE utility on your laptop. Choose “Optimize” option from the main page as shown in Figure 1.

Step 2: Now select “Privacy Cleaner” and then click on “Clean PC Junk” option as shown in Figure 2

Step 3: Mark the items you wish to delete and then click on “Scan” option as shown in Figure 3

Step 4: After completing the cleaning process successfully, you will get the detailed report of laptop Junk cleaned as shown in Figure 4

Features of Remo MORE utility

  • User friendly application offers easy navigation for users
  • Fixes all issues related to laptop safely and securely
  • Enhance your laptop speed by removing junk files, internet files, unwanted programs, etc
  • Enhance various device speed such as laptops, systems, tablets, Smartphone, etc
  • Supports various operating system such Mac, Windows, Android and iOS
  • Free customer support for 24*7 hours
Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure
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