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Have you noticed your PC is getting slower and slower day by day? It is a usual problem for PC users and can be resolved easily if you know how to speed up your PC. A number of applications have been installed in your PC from the time you owned it. With the time, software program is installed, you need to update it regularly. System speed gets slow down while installing or running updates for various utilities. Day to day, these apps are being updated and need more memory size with computer’s precious resources.

Your PC may be slow if you are downloading files and apps regularly but not removing junk items like temporary files or clearing cache memory. By clearing temporary web data and browser history, you can make internet browser responding fast. Once you done with above stated tactics, you will get amazing response while browsing on web. Check for applications that are really not needed and are installed in computer. Uninstall those apps from computer to free disk space.

Your PC desktop screen may be dotted with lot of icons, files and folders. When user starts computer, memory is used for all files present on desktop. However, shortcut icons take lesser memory but other files will use memory for no gain or no purpose. As memory matters a lot when it comes about system performance, user should not keep unnecessary files on desktop. You can keep files and documents on My Documents folder or if there are large size files, keep them in a folder separately on other drive. If possible, replace RAM memory with greater size RAM. Similarly, choose hard disk that is good in data transfer rate, fast spinning or available with improved RPM. By replacing computer hard disk with modern SSD, you can feel it’s effect immediately.

When we save a file, computer allocates memory randomly. A section of file might be saved at beginning of the disk and other section may be stored on other locations. Definitely, it makes a program run slower since it takes more time to look for information on different memory areas. User can resolve this issue by fragmenting the drive. Once the drive is fragmented, scattered data will take place on the disk in an arranged manner. In this way, OS will not have to search for data in different locations hence response time will improve and you find computer running faster than before.

To speed up your PC, you do not have to spend on improving system configuration. It’s not worthy to replace hard disk, RAM memory, processor or other hardware. You can make your PC faster by resolving various issues causing system performance slow. For this purpose, Remo MORE comes with powerful and smart features that are highly efficient in improving system performance. One can use this cost-effective and easy to use app as PC optimizer, file manager, registry cleaner, memory optimizer, to defrag drive and to fix all other issues that make a computer running slow.

Steps to speed up your PC:

  1. Download and install the Remo MORE application on your PC.
  2. As you launch this program, it starts scanning the PC for different issues as shown in Image 1.
  3. Once scanning is over, software shows a detailed list of issues that need to be fixed to boost your PC as shown in Image 2.
  4. Finally, click on Fix Issues option to resolve all the issues and to make your PC run faster as shown in Image 3.
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Safe and Secure
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