How to Take Backup Of Outlook

Use Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate to create a perfect copy of your Outlook data file with all the attributes and avoid the tedious process of manually backing up your Outlook profile. Unlike manual method this tool helps you to save all your Outlook items from signatures, contacts, templates and what not, with just a few simple clicks

Ms Outlook, today has completely replaced organizers in our daily life. With notes, to-do lists, banking mails and events Outlook holds information about every integral aspect of our day to day life.

Hence we cannot afford to lose information on Outlook data file or have your PST/OST file corrupted. The safest and most recommended way to avoid these problems is backing up your Outlook data.

The following are the ways in which you can backup Outlook data:

Manual Outlook backup methods:

Since there are two types of email accounts in Outlook namely POP3 and IMAP, they involve separate manual methods to backup:

POP3: For a POP3 account you can manually backup Outlook data (PST) file by making a copy with latest name. However this will mean that you only backup Outlook inbox that is your email messages. If you wish to save your Outlook contacts, notes and other items this method will not work. More importantly a PST file is vulnerable to corruption even when moved within the computer; it is not recommended to follow this method although it may work in most cases.

IMAP: Backing up Outlook IMAP account is more complicated than a POP3 account. You can only have a backup of Outlook mails in your OST file and not any other settings or Outlook attributes. The emails in an IMAP account or OST file are synced to the server. Depending on your work organization this server can be an exchange server or direct server of the email provider.

You can choose to leave a copy (download) of your email in your OST file by choosing the option while setting up mail or uncheck the purge option as shown in the below picture. You can find the purge option in the following path: Tools->Account settings->Email Tab->select your IMAP account->More Settings.


If you are using an exchange server to route your mails from the main server, it is recommended to entrust backup and retention methods in place by the IT/admin department maintaining the exchange server. On the other hand when you do not have a dedicated exchange server setup and you have not selected the “leave a copy” option in your Outlook and deleted mails they are permanently lost.

Why do you need a software to backup Outlook data?

Backing up data in Outlook is supposed to be done with utmost caution. This is because your copy of PST / backup file has large mail volumes. This files as awhole contain the format, personal preferences, calendar items and other email attributes like To, BCC, CC, Subject, Sender information etc. These fine details are bound to be missed out when you backup manually.

You simply cannot have these files moved like any other files; not only because they have important data but also because these file are endangered from corruption. Therefore you need a software to backup your files in format that is transfer friendly.

While you keep sorting your mails according to personal preferences using various options like Outlook rules, you tend to spend a lot of time personalizing Outlook. Without designated software for backup, chances are you might not preserve such personal settings in your backed up file.

As they say “prevention is better than cure” the only prevention to any kind of your Outlook data loss scenarios is backing up your data regularly. Considering our busy schedules, regularly backing up data might be a very pain-staking process.

Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate an efficient Outlook back up tool.

Thanks to technology we have Remo Outlook Backup and migrate to your aid. With various options like auto backup scheduler, smart backup and advanced backup this tool can be the right remedy to all our Outlook related problems. Its flawless with all the versions, from Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013 to Outlook 2016 and all the versions of Windows from Windows XP to Windows 10.

This Outook backup tool also answers your data insecurity challenges by providing encryption, that is once you choose this way to make Outlook backup, you can protect it with a password to prevent unauthorized access to your data.

remo backup and migrate

Why Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate?

Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate is a complete package with a long list of merits like:

  • Smart Backupand Advanced Backup(selective backup)
  • Compress and Split your Outlook backup file to manage disk space
  • Protect your backup file with a password saved at your desired location.
  • Create Outlook data backups that are transfer friendly
  • Schedule automatic backup

Smart Backup: To backup Outlook account as a whole with personal settings, email messages, contacts, calendar, journals etc swift and easy.

Advanced Backup: If you do not wish to backup all Outlook data, backup specific attributes of the Outlook profile for example: you could only backup Outlook email folder or contacts folder according to your necessity.

Schedule automatic backup by selecting the frequency or by selecting the specific time slot.

Lastly you can also restore backup and migrate your Outlook which further complements this tool as an asset.

Steps to backup Microsoft Outlook efficiently:

  • After downloading Remo Outlook Backup And Migrate select Backup option form the main screen
  • Select Smart backup or Advanced Back up accordingly
  • choice of backup
  • If you select Advanced Backup you can either schedule Auto back-up or backup corresponding to your preferences.
  • choice of backup
  • Post selecting the time slot or frequency click on next and select the Outlook profile you want to backup
  • Click next to see the following screen:
  • select preferences for back up
  • Select preferred attributes you want to backup and click on next
  • compress,encrypt and split your backup
  • From the screen above choose the location for saving Outlook backup file. Select the extent of compression if required. Here you can also select a password for the backed up information and split the backup if needed.
  • Click on next to successfully backup your Outlook data. Click on report to verify the log files generated.

Download the demo now without further delay and have your Outlook backed up as soon as possible.

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