How to Unzip files on Windows?

Need to unzip files on your Windows computer? Have you downloaded a Zip file and looking for a suitable tool to unzip files? Is "How to unzip files on Windows" is your question? Then you are at the right place. After reading this article you’ll find out a suitable solution to unzip files on your Windows based desktop or laptop computer. But before moving ahead with the procedure, let us first see what a Zip file is and how to create a Zip file.

Zip is a compression file format used to compress one or more files like songs, documents, movies, videos, games, applications etc into a single file. The main use of this file is to save memory space on a computer hard disk. Other than saving memory space Zip files are also used to transfer large files via internet. Furthermore these files also offer advanced features like password protection, encryption and so on which makes them more reliable.

Creating Zip File using built in application:

These days all Windows operating system comes preinstalled with "WinZip" software, which helps in creating Zip files on your Windows computer. Follow the below guide to create a ZIP file using WinZip application

  • Run "WinZip"
  • Click on "New icon", a window pops up displaying the folders on your hard disk
  • Browse to the folders which you would like to save the ZIP file
  • Then click "save", you’ll be returned to the WinZip main window
  • Now select and add files to your ZIP file by clicking on "Add" option
  • In the compression menu, choose the level of compression like Normal, Fast, Good, Best and Fastest
  • You can also assign password protection to the ZIP file
  • After selection click on "Ok", all the selected files will be added to the ZIP file
  • Close WinZip

Done! This is a simple way to create a Zip file. However, just consider a scenario where in you created a Zip file with all your important files in it. And after few months when you used a third party software to unzip its contents, you received a warning message, after which you were no longer able to access the contents from the Zip file. May you get very much tensed and frustrated after encountering such situation. However, there is nothing to worry about as you can unzip files on Windows using a reliable tool called Remo MORE.

About the Software:

Remo MORE is an all in one utility to create and unzip files on your Windows based desktop or laptop computer. By using this utility one can easily unzip files on their Windows computers in just few mouse clicks. This tool supports unzipping Zip files created using any software. Moreover the software is designed with simple to use interface, through which even a novice user can unzip his / her files. Furthermore other than Windows, the application is also compatible to run on Mac operating system.


  • Always backup your important Zip files before unzipping it
  • Assign password to your important Zip files

Learn how to unzip files on Windows using MORE Suite:

  • Download and install Remo MORE program in your system and launch it. After launching select "Manage" option from Main Screen. From the next screen select "Compress & Burn" option to unzip file as depicted in Figure 1.
  • Now from the third screen select "Zip" option to unzip file on Windows as shown in Figure 2.
  • In the next screen you get two options one is "Create New RZip File" and second one is "Open/Update RZip File". Select "Open/Upadte RZip File" option to unzip file as illustrated in Figure 3.
  • Select the ZIP file from the next screen which you want to unzip and click on open button. You will get a list of the files which you zipped. Click on "Extract" button to extract those files as depicted in Figure 4.
  • As the file extraction process gets completed you will receive a success message.
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