How to use Remo Driver Discover?

  • You just have to download the setup file
  • Run and follow the setup wizard to install the software
  • Click finish to launch the application

To Update Drivers:

  • Once launched, it automatically scans your entire system for outdated drivers; as shown in Figure 1
  • A message pops up showcasing the total number of outdated drivers; as shown in Figure 2
  • Register to download and update all the respective drivers

To Backup Drivers:

  • Start with selecting “Backup” from the top navigation bar
  • Click on “Create backup” option to backup all your system drivers; as shown in Figure 3
  • The list of all the drivers present in your computer system will be displayed; as shown in Figure 4
  • Choose the required ones or select “Check all” to backup all of them and Click “Next”
  • Provide the name, location & file type for the backup file; as shown in Figure 5
  • Continue to create backup of your drivers; as shown in Figure 6

To Restore Drivers

  • Once you backup drivers using Remo Driver Discover, you will be able to restore it according to your need
  • So just click on “Restore backup” option; as shown in Figure 7
  • Select your backup file; as shown in Figure 8
  • Choose the drivers from the list and there you go - All the drivers will be restored. Figure 9

“Isn’t it quick and easy”

Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure
Supported Brands
  1. Intel Drivers
  2. Dell Drivers
  3. Kingston Drivers
  4. Fuji Drivers
  5. Samsung Drivers
  6. IBM Drivers
  7. Brother Drivers
  8. Sony Drivers
  9. Lenovo Drivers
  10. Toshiba Drivers
  11. HP Drivers
  12. Acer Drivers
  13. Asus Drivers
  14. Canon Drivers
  15. LG Drivers
  16. HTC Drivers
  17. Realtek Drivers
  18. ATI Drivers
  19. AMD Drivers and many more...