Why my iMac is running slow?

New computers are always a joy because of its speed with which applications run but, once they become old their speed reduces. As with your iMac too, when you use your iMac overtime, it is common to experience slower speeds. There could be number of factors that can contribute to the iMac slowdown, and the best approach towards troubleshooting the slow running iMac is involves examining the factors leading to slow iMacs and taking steps to solve the specific cause. Hence before going to the remedy, first let us understand the causes leading to slow iMacs:

Factors leading to slow iMacs

Too many items in the startup: This is one of the major reasons for making your iMac slow. Startup programs / items are those that are made to run or start when your iMac is booted. One can easily enable or disable a program to execute at the startup. If there are too many start up programs, your iMac cannot start until all the programs are loaded. This would slow down your iMac booting speed. Hence, disable the programs that you don’t want to start while booting, enable only that are important.

Less Memory Space: This is the most important reason for slow iMac performance. Because of less memory, your Operating system wouldn’t get enough space to run. As and when more programs are run, the memory space decreases and hence your iMac OS slows down. Thus, just remove the files that are not needed and free up your iMac memory.

Registry errors: Registry is the one that stores all the information about a computer's configuration including user files, system files and other system and application related information. They are created as and when you download or create a new file etc. and will be deleted when the respective program is deleted. This is not the case every time, at times the registry entries will not get deleted even when the program is deleted and will keep accumulating on your iMac hard drive, which takes unnecessary hard disk space.

Presence of Duplicates Files: When your iMac contains multiple copies of the same file then your iMac would slow down due to less space and increased access time. Duplicates files could be created due to multiple copies of your email messages, photographs, music files which you have downloaded more than once etc. all these are unnecessary files which lead to system clogging.

Presence of Outdated software: This is yet another reason causing iMac slow down. It happens due to the incompatibility issues that would arise with the software and the processor. Hence, one should make sure that every software on your iMac is up-to date and is compatible with the platform you are using.

Fragmentation: Highly fragmented hard drives will also lead to slower iMac performance. As and when you create new files your iMac hard drive becomes more and more fragmented. This will increase the file access time, by defragmenting this time will be reduced to a greater extent. Thus, defragmenting the iMac will increase its performance.

What’s the way out to fix slow iMac?

By fixing the above issues one can increase the iMac speed. However, it is not so easy to fix them manually; you need to spend hours together to perform these fixes manually. It’s a tedious and time taking process. So now, what can be done?

There is no need to worry as you can easily fix all these issues in just few minutes! Yes, with the help of Remo MORE suite you can easily fix all these issues in just one single click and increase your iMac speed. The tool works efficiently to enhance your iMac performance and speed up your iMac. This application ensures providing simpler and efficient solution to fix slow iMac that too on all available Mac OS X versions including OS X Mavericks, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and many more.

Procedure to use Remo MORE

Remo MORE is designed with an excellent GUI that provides complete on-screen instructions in the entire process. Just read below for the steps:

  • First download and install Remo MORE on your iMac
  • Once you run this application, main screen opens up, in which you need to select “Enhance” option as shown in Figure 1
  • Then in the consecutive window you will have to choose “One Click Maintenance” tab as in Figure 2
  • The application scans your iMac and gives a detailed report of different issues and then click on “Fix Issues” option to continue as shown in Figure 3
Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure
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