How to improve Android internet speed?

A common problem experienced by most of Android users is slow internet speed. Sometime we switch to other internet plans and service providers with a hope but result remains same as before. Actually, real problem is in your Android device. There are many reasons that may affect internet speed on your Android device. Therefore, you need to identify and resolve those issues for achieving maximum speed while surfing. Let us know about facts that are responsible for slow internet speed and learn how to improve internet speed in Android smartphones and tablets.

Try out following techniques to improve Andriod internet speed:

  • Cleaning of cache memory on your Android device may result in improved speed
  • Change internet settings to load maximum KB data to boost up speed.
  • Do not download any app or large size files while surfing internet on your Android device.
  • Disable all start up programs that are loaded at the time your Android device boots up.
  • Keep space in internal memory of Android device. For this you can save most of files and applications on SD card.
  • Reset your Android device to it’s default factory settings.
  • Keep updating firmware to enhance performance of your Android device and experience faster internet browsing.
  • Uninstall all unneccessary applications from your device.
  • Switch to different browser and uninstall other browsers.

Often Android users face problems in carrying out above actions. In reality, it is not possible for the most of users to remember and try all tactics regularly in an effective way. Therefore, they should try an efficient application to perform these tasks and to improve Android internet speed. By employing such tool one can save his precious time and get faster speed in just few simple clicks.

When it comes to deal with issues that are responsible for degrading internet speed in an Android device, Remo MORE is the first choice of Android users. It is loaded with a set of powerful features to scan for errors and problems causing slow internet speed and simultaneously software fixes all issues automatically to improve Android internet speed. You can employ this tool for boosting internet speed in Android phones, tablets and other devices from all popular brands such as htc, Samsung, Micromax, Sony,lenevo etc. By using it’s internet speed enhancer feature, one can improve Android internet speed in just one click. Software clears junk data from Android device and also removes data from Dolphin, Chrome, Mozila Firfox, UC, Opera browsers running on Android devices. In order to evaluate it’s performance in improving internet speed in your Andriod device, you try it’s trial version that available for free.

Easy steps to enhance Android internet speed:

  1. Download the Remo MORE application and install it in your Android device to boost internet speed. Then, launch it and select "Enhance" option from Main window as depicted in Figure 1.
  2. On the next screen you will get three options, select "Enhancements & Recommendations" as depicted in Figure 2.
  3. Software will display all issues and related solution to enhance internet speed as shown in Figure 3.
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