Best Application to Improve Android Battery Life

In early days, it is really a challenge to manage battery power of mobile phone up to end of the day. With increase of features and facilities on Android mobile, battery life also increased with modern technology. Now, you can use several applications in your Android mobile and use the phone over the whole day without worrying about its power. But, there are some issues that can make you agonized by discharging the mobile quickly. It is very frustrating and lot of Android phone users over the globe are suffering in this problem. Although there are so many reasons to discharge your mobile so quickly, you can remove all of them using an application and improve Android phone battery life. You can also follow some tricks that will be very helpful in battery life extending process.

  • First of all, you should decrease the brightness of your Android phone to lowest level. You can also set the brightness as  automatic to set intensity of light according to the surrounding. As Android mobiles consist of a large screen size, you must manage the display setting to utilize battery power intelligently.
  • You should also find the unnecessary application running on the background. Occasionally, some programs is open automatically when you switch on your phone. Several programs running on background, consumes the battery power continuously and discharge the battery quickly. Some of those programs need larger system resource and more battery power. If you do not turn them off, you may suffer in this problem.
  • Android has multitasking ability and offers several features.  Some of those features are not required all the time but we still keep them on imprecisely. GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE are some amazing features of Android, which requires more battery power. If you incessantly keep them on, it can drain battery power quickly. Therefore, you should always turn off them when you nod needed.
  • You should also keep your Android software updated, to improve Android battery life. Different applications are continuously upgraded with low power requirement characteristics.

You can fix all these quick battery-draining problems with the help of Remo More software. It is very powerful and efficient to manage your power plan on Android mobile. With this application, you can select power plan like always active, power saver mode, high performance etc. Through these options, you can use battery power wisely and avoid wastage of it when you are playing games or surfing internet. This application is applicable in all major versions of Android operating system. You can use this software on your smart phone, tablet etc to improve Android battery life. Most of the well-known brands of Android mobile like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Google, Sony etc support this program. Industry experts always recommend this software to get better battery life on Android devices effortlessly.

Easy Steps to Improve Android Phone Battery Life:

Step1: Initially, you have to install this tool in your Android phone and choose “Manage” option from main window as shown in Figure 1

Step2: Then, you need to select, "Power Manager" option to continue as shown in Figure 2

Step3: On the next window, select "Add" option to add your new profile as shown in Figure 3

Step4: Provide your details and make customizations and then click on "Apply" option as illustrated in Figure 4

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Safe and Secure
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