How to Improve Android Tablet Battery Life

Although, an Android tablet is featured with so many features, sometimes you may suffer from power unavailability issues. Battery life of your Android tablet may decrease day by day. If you are unhappy with the battery backup of your tablet, you have to follow some tricks to enhance battery life. Through some simple steps or safety measure, you can utilize the battery power efficiently. Whereas you can perform this operation manually, you should employ a prominent application that is designed to handle power management setting of your Android tablet. Remo More software will be one of the most prominent utility that increases battery life very easily and does not need any professional knowledge.

There are several reasons for which the Android battery drains faster. Let us discuss some tricks to improve battery life on Android tablet:

  • You should turned off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and other features after use because they are big reason responsible for discharging the battery. If you keep them on all time, if the tablet is not connected to Wi-Fi it will search for a connection endlessly. As a result the battery power is continuously being used.
  • If several application is open in the background, battery power is drained faster. As Android tablet has multi tasking ability, we can execute different operation at a time. If you forget to close any application, your battery power will be wasted.
  • As Android tablet consists of a large sized screen, you should keep the brightness level to low level to improve battery life on Android tablet. You can use automatic brightness facility to adjust it depending on the surrounding.                If you use any screen saver, gadgets etc, you can also suffer from this problem easily.
  • Always charge the battery completely when charging and after discharge it most completely, you should charge it again. This operation is very fruitful to sustain a good battery life. Besides that, you can use battery saver application on your Android tablet. But, always prefer only one for that purpose.

However, you can fix these problems manually, but it will be very difficult. Therefore, you should employ this Remo More program to handle them easily and efficiently. It can manage power setting of your Android tablet and helps to increase battery life. It is very compatible with different versions of Android operating system such as Android 4, 4.3, 4.4 etc. This application can also be used in different Android tablets of Sony, Samsung, Lenovo and others. Apart from Android tablets, you can also use this application to increase battery life on Android mobiles. This application is recommended by so many experts due to its excellence and accuracy of results. This program is designed with a simple user interface so that novice users also can use it easily.

Easy Steps to Improve Battery Life on Android Tablet:

Step1: Install this application in your Android tablet and select "Manage" option from home screen as shown in Figure 1

Step2: In this screen, you should click on "Power Manager" option as shown in Figure 2

Step3: Now, select "Add" option to add your own profile as shown in Figure 3

Step4: Then provide all details and then click on "Apply" button as illustrated in Figure 4

Step4: Finally, profile will be created and then your Android tablet is ready for use as shown in Figure 5

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Safe and Secure
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