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Hi! I am using desktop PC (64 bit) with Windows 8 OS. Whenever I turn on my computer the Windows 8 logo appears after 4 – 5 minutes to reach the lock screen, so to overcome from this issue even I reinstalled my Windows 8 OS but no use. However, when I compare other Windows 8 installed desktop PC or laptop they get boot in few seconds. Therefore, please can anyone provide me with possible solution or best software to improve Windows 8 boot speed! Any help will be appreciated, well in advance thank you.

Well, there are certain unforeseen logical glitches through which Windows 8 laptop \ computer may boot slowly or decrease boot speed but no need to worry because you can detect and fix boot problems and speed up Windows 8 booting process through two methods; one is manually and second is through using trustworthy third party application. First let us see the manual method:

  • Disable unwanted startup programs
  • Cleanup your startup folder to speed up booting by performing this operation: browse to C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Start Menu\Programs\Startup. By performing this step you will get all files that are executed on startup and uninstalled shortcuts. Now delete all the files
  • Use event viewer to find and fix boot issues. To perform: Browse to Application and service logs -> Microsoft -> Windows ->Diagnostics Performance. Now you are able to preview the current boot time and error to fix.
  • Stop unnecessary services to speed up booting
  • Disable Windows search indexing at startup
  • Disable unwanted applications

By performing above mentioned steps you can improve Windows 8 boot speed, but the important thing you have to remember that is even a single wrong move can leads to large amount of data loss. Therefore, most of the computer experts advise to go with trustworthy third party utilities – Remo Optimizer. By making use of this application you can improve Windows 8 boot speed as well as increase overall performance of laptop or system with few clicks of mouse.

Remarkable Features of Remo Optimizer Software:

  • The software is designed with fully advanced automated technology so that you need not manually fix errors because it scans and removes junk files, clear cache, clear browsing history, clean registry and enhance Windows 8 boot speed within matter of minutes.
  • Apart from improving Windows 8 boot speed, you can also opt this software to improve boot speed of Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and other versions of Windows OS with few clicks of mouse
  • Remo Optimizer software even boost Windows 8 startup time within fraction of seconds
  • Moreover the tool is user friendly and easy to operate because it provides step by step instructions with screenshots.

Steps to Improve Windows 8 Boot Speed using Remo Optimizer Software:

  • Step 1: Initially download and install Remo Optmizer software for free on your Windows 8 laptop \ computer. Launch the application, the software starts scanning the drive and lists all issues as shown in Figure 1
  • Step 2: From the next screen choose "Start-up Speed Enhancer" as shown in Figure 2
  • Step 3: Now click on "Start" button to search all startup programs as shown in Figure 3
  • Step 4: Unmark the unwanted programs to disable them and then "Close" it to end the process as shown in Figure 4
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