Inaccessible Partition Recovery

Hello! The data storage partition on my computer has become inaccessible and in addition to it when I checked the properties, it showed me zero bytes for both available and used space. I am very much worried because I have very important data within that particular partition. Thus, can anyone help me out in handling this situation with much ease?

OK! Don’t worry because data recovery from inaccessible partition has become very easy now by the use of Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) program. This advanced application is specially designed to process partition recovery related problems. Moreover, this program is very easy to use as it provides you with very simple graphical user interface. Before knowing more about Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) lets know how partition can become inaccessible.

Reasons behind partition becoming inaccessible

  • Corruption of MBR or GPT: MBR or GPT stores information about logical partitions, info about the file systems of your existing partitions, executable code which is required at the startup of computer. Thus if any of the information in MBR or GPT is corrupted then the partitions on your computer may get inaccessible.
  • Improper partitioning: While trying to repartition the drive using any untrusted third party tool if you come across any partition error then there are possibilities that your partition may become inaccessible
  • Imperfect file system conversion: When file system conversion is imperfectly performed or if there is any kind of interruption while performing conversion then there is much threat of losing  your existing partition
  • Bad Sectors: When the computer is not used properly then the creation of bad sectors can increase gradually, and if there are more number of bad sectors on your hard drive then the partition with more bad sectors will become inaccessible

These are some of the common reasons behind inaccessible partition, however if your hard drive is inaccessible due to any of the above mentioned reasons or due to any other reasons then there is no need to worry; because by making use of Remo HDD Recovery software you can effortlessly recover all the lost data from inaccessible partition.

Traits of Remo Recover (Windows / Mac)

  • With the help of this powerful tool you can easily recover more than 300 types of files like video files, audio files, images, zip files and many more
  • Apart from inaccessible partitions you can even recover missing drive partition from your computer
  • Allows you to preview the recovered data so that you can know the capability of the software before purchasing it
  • Using “Save Recovery Session” option you can at any time save the recovery related information and later on resume the recovery process by using the recovery information which was stored earlier
  • Developed by making use of strong algorithms and by using this algorithms you can quickly finish the recovery process

Watch the below given video to know complete steps on recovering inaccessible partition

Additional info: There are situation where you may accidentally format your partition, but don’t worry about the loss of data due to format of partition because you can easily recover accidentally formatted partition within minutes, to know more just click on the link which is provided above.

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