Want to improve Android battery life?

Android phones are very popular and extensively used due to it’s user friendly features. There is a long list of amazing apps that are running on Android phones. However, a common issue that most of Android users are experiencing is fast draining of battery. If you also running into the same situation, here is a prominent solution for you to increase Android phone battery life.

There is not a way to suddenly double your Android phone’s battery life but you can do some changes to your phone settings and maximize battery life. Let us know why and how you can make it easy to extend battery life of Android phone:

  • Do not keep your phone in vibrating mode. By activating vibrate mode to get alerts you are consuming battery power much more. Also set keytone to a low volume to conserve extra power.
  • Reduce brightness of your Android phone screen to save battery. To make it convenient you can use it’s inbuilt feature to set brightness to adjust automatically. Once you done with automatic adjustment of display brightness.
  • If you think, widgets appearing on phone screen are inactive and not cunsuming battery power then you are wrong. Dump these unneccessary widgets from home display of your phone. You should not set live wallpaper or screen saver as these are also responsible for eating battery power.
  • Often user forgets to turn off Wi-Fi, GPS, LTE, Bluetooth and other hardware features after activating them. Android keeps these apps active and it consumes noticable power in searching and connecting to networks. You should turn off these featurs after use to avoid draining of battery.
  • Close unneccessary apps that are not in use. Generally, user does not close programs after using them and left them activated. You can install app kiler that deactivates all programs that are running in background.
  • Similarly, switch off your Android phone when you do not need to use it for long time. Also, use hands free in spite of using phone speekers.

For most of Android phone users, it is not easy to go through each aspect causing unneccessary cunsumption of battery power. Therefore, industry experts have made it easy by launching an intelligent program to save battery power that is being consumed unnecessarily. You just have to install and launch Remo MORE on your Android phone, remaining thing will done efficiently by this app to extend battery life of Android phone. By using it Power Mangaer feature, you can conserve battery power to a great extent. You can use this app on Android phones from various brands such as htc, Motorola, Smasung, Sony etc.

Easy steps to increase battery life in Android:

Step1: Install the software on your Android phone and select “Manage” option from the main screen as shown in Figure 1

Step2: Now on this screen, click on "Power Manager" option as shown in Figure 2

Step3: On the next screen, select the Add option to add your own profile as shown in Figure 3

Step4: Provide the details and make customizations and then click on "Apply" option as illustrated in Figure 4

Step4: Finally, profile will be created and now your phone is ready for use as shown in Figure 5

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