Improve Sony Xperia Battery Performance

Sony Xperia has many amazing features and impressive protection against scratch, dust, water etc. Stylish and large display and numerous smart facilities make it more powerful. The more featured smart phone requires more power. However, a lot of Xperia user complains about its battery life and always looking for some useful battery saving tips. If you owned a Sony Xperia smart phone and facing such problem in few days, we have some simple tips that will be very helpful for you. You can increase battery life of Sony Xperia by yourself. One who is all time on the phone and using games, different applications, browsing internet, listening music etc, consumption of battery power will be and you may need to keep charging your phone in quick interval of time.

To extend the battery life of your Sony Xperia, bit careful use is needed. If you follow some techniques, you will be able to increase battery life of Sony Xperia by own. Here are some easy steps to improve battery life:

  • One of the main reasons to decline the battery life of Sony Xperia smart phone is incomplete charging. If different application is running on your phone while you are charging, it wastes battery power ant prevent to charge completely. Always incomplete charging can drop its battery life. Therefore, you can switch off the mobile during charging and unplug when it is fully charged.
  • You should keep GPS, Bluetooth, background data, Wi-Fi when not needed. Most of us keep these features always on in smart phone but they continuously consume resources. You should also keep active Synchronization off always. Keep synchronization application of and set it to manual synchronization.
  • You should keep your mobile in GSM mode to save some battery power. For that, you have to change network settings through these steps: Settings -> Wireless & Networks- > Mobile Networks -> Network Mode- > GSM.
  • To increase battery life of Sony Xperia, you have to set brightness of your smart phone to lowest level. As it contains a large screen size, it requires more power in greater brightness. Live wallpaper can also burden the RAM and needs more battery power.
  • In Sony Xperia, there is in-built power saving feature to increase battery life of Sony Xperia. It has three battery saving modes: Stamina mode, Low battery mode and Location based Wi-Fi mode.

All these operations you have to perform manually and you need some knowledge about the procedure. To get rid of this problem, you can employ Remo MORE software that is fully automated tool and does not require any professional knowledge to fix this problem. It can be installed in all models of Sony Xperia smart phone and supports all versions of Android. Apart from Sony Xperia, one can use this proficient utility in smart phone of different brands like HTC, Samsung, Google etc.

Easy steps to Increase Battery Life of Sony Xperia:

Step 1: Download this application on your Sony Xperia phone and select “Manage” option from the home screen as shown in Figure 1

Step 2: Now, select the "Power Manager" as shown in Figure 2

Step 3: Later click on "Add" button to add your own power plans as illustrated in Figure 3

Step 4: Provide profile and settings then click on "Apply" as given in Figure 4

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