Increase Browser Speed Google Chrome

Are you facing speed problem while browsing internet on Google Chrome? Do not you know how to enhance browsing speed on Google Chrome browser application? Do not worry; read here to know simple steps to boost browsing speed very quickly.

Most users face slow browsing speed even though having better data plans and get irritate on slow browsing speed on Google Chrome. Besides, users need to wait for while when they open two tabs at a time and even face problem in downloading a file very quickly. Sometimes users need to perform online purchase, ticket booking and any other online activities quickly but in such situation if your internet speed is slow and you cannot able do it then you might fell very embarrassing. However, you can speed up your internet speed on Google Chrome browser by following below mentioned steps.

  • Memory Allocation Changes: In Google Chrome by default memory allocated to 128 MB for security reasons, but changing it to 512 MB speed will increases. To change it type chrome://flags/#max-tiles-for-interest-area’ in the address bar of your chrome browser and follow the instructions.
  • Remove Add on or Extensions:  To disable the unwanted extensions or add-ons in Google Chrome, click on setting and next click on Extensions that will list all avialble add on. Finally, Click on disable option on selected add-ons.
  • Remove unwanted plug-ins:  you can remove unnecessary plug-ins in your Google Chrome by visiting Settings and click on advanced settings. Next click on content settings under privacy and remove all unwanted plug-ins installed in your browser.
  • Task Manager Changes: Start task manager by clicking SHIFT + CTRL+ESC, and then right click the chrome process and set it to high priority, thus it will boost your browser loading time and speed.
  • Disable Automatic Updates: Disable automatic updates in your system which will increase the RAM and CPU usage for the browser.

Apart from above mentioned steps you need to perform other things too in order to get faster browsing speed in Google Chrome, such as deleting cookies, browsed history, downloaded data, and keep updating browser application. By following all these instructions, you can easily maximize your browsing speed on your Windows system as well as other platforms too such as Android, Mac, etc. However, looking into these instructions and following them is easy for few days but following all the days and if you are novice user then how will you do it and even you need time do it. If you are coming across such type of circumstance then go with third party application like Remo MORE. This application is more efficient in enhancing speed of any browser application on your system. Just you need to perform few simple clicks on application and this will take hardly few minutes.

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