Increasing startup speed of computer

It is a very horrible experience to work with a system whose start up speed is very slow. When you turn on such type of computers it takes much time than it should take. Generally the longer we use our computer the more time it takes for booting. If you are one of those who are suffering from this problem then do not worry. Here you will come to know about a very well-known tool called Remo MORE which can address all problems responsible for start-up speed of your system. This tool is a brainchild of highly qualified professional. It has developed after a serious brainstorming about reasons that causes slow startup of a system.

There is no doubt about it that most of the computer gets slow over the period of time. But the best thing is that, you can improve computer startup speed. The only thing you need to do is to uproot the root causes behind this.

Why computer startup speed slows down?

There are plenty of reasons behind the slow booting of a computer. Obviously the unnecessary application installed on your computer is one of them and apart from this there are many factors which affect the performance of computer.

Fragmentation of hard disk is another reason where your computer gets slow. Because all the memory space is scattered around the hard drive and thus if you start a program then it takes long time to open because of low memory space. Computer loads a lot of drivers when you turn on it, some of those you may not require even it gets loaded. All these unnecessary programs do nothing but only affect your computer performance and increase the boot up time.

Unnecessary fonts can also increase load time of Windows computer. Computer loads all the fonts at startup of computer. It is very much clear that you are definitely not going to use all those fonts. Thus it is the best practice to hide them when you are not using them. Doing so will enhance the startup time and whenever you wish to use those fonts you can bring them back but it will not be loaded at booting time.

How to improve startup speed of computer?

There are many ways you can increase startup speed of your computer. You can make changes in setting of your computer and can uninstall unneeded program manually. However this way of fixing issue takes a lot of time and effort because you have to find and locate the culprit which is posing problem for you. Hence why most of the users prefer an automated tool which can easily locate and removes the problem associated with computer startup speed. Remo MORE is a tool developed with highly advance algorithm which scans whole system within a fraction of seconds and detects all the software and hardware issues in just one click of mouse and gives a detailed report of the problems causing slow speed of your computer startup. This is completely free of cost and available online.

Simple steps to use Remo MORE to increase computer startup speed

  1. Download and install Remo MORE utility on your computer and launch it. From the main screen select the "Enhance" option. After that, choose "Start-up Speed Enhancer" from this screen as shown in Figure 1.
  2. Select "Start" option from this window of MORE to start scanning process of your computer hard disk as shown in Figure 2.
  3. Remo MORE will show you list of programs that are decreasing the startup speed of your computer as shown in Figure 3. Disable the applications which you don't use much.
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Safe and Secure
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