Enhance internet speed on your Windows 8!

Do you know, there are several issues except internet service provider’s data plan that can affect internet speed on your system? Like most of internet users, I was also assuming that internet speed is slow because of broadband services but it is not a fact. Your system performance also matters a lot. After a deep research, and reading expert’s views, I worked on different system maintenance issues to increase my internet speed on Windows 8 system.

Below you can find number of factors that play vital role in decreasing internet speed on your Windows 8 computer / laptop. If you take initiative to resolve these issues, definitely, you can make your internet faster on Windows 8 machine:

  • If system update, software or driver updates or scan programs are running in background, these programs will slow your Windows 8 system and internet speed as well. Just press ctrl + shift + Esc key combination and you will get a list of all programs running in background. You can stop those programs to enhance internet speed in Windows 8.
  • If it has a long time when you installed browser, then soon update it. Over time, internet browsers get changed with new definitions and become obsolete and if you do not update browser, it’s performance goes down with the time. You can also switch to other browsers for better internet speed.
  • As being a smart user, you should clean browser junk such as temporary internet files, Cache, cookies, address bar etc regularly. Additionally, you can employ third party programs to clean junk data such as program files, duplicate files. Presence of junk files on browser Cache causes lack of memory space hence internet speed decreases automatically.
  • Often user needs to install plug-ins such as Adobe Flash Player, QuickTime Player etc and also themes to add extra features on browser. These things are also responsible for slow internet speed on Windows 8.
  • To remember favorite sites, users always save bookmark of those sites. By removing these bookmarks and also browser history, you can exceed internet speed.

Apart from above discussed issues, some other system optimization related issues are also there that are accountable for slow internet speed on Windows 8 system. To fix all these issues effectively, you can take advantage of technology. Yes! There are number of application are available to improve internet speed on Windows 8.  With Remo MORE you can make internet speed faster on Windows 8 in just few mouse clicks. It comes with powerful internet speed enhancer feature you can experience fast browsing on your Windows 8 system. You can see it’s performance by using it’s demo version that is available for free.

Steps to increase internet speed on Windows 8:

  1. Download and install Remo MORE app on your Windows 8 system and launch it. After launching, select "Enhance" option from Main Screen. From the next window select "Internet Speed Enhancer" option as shown in Figure 1.
  2. On the next window, you will get two options one is "Optimize Speed" and second one is "Advanced Settings(for advanced user)" as depicted in Figure 2. Use "Optimize Speed" option to select the network on which you are working and optimize it. If you want to customize the size of the received packages then choose "Advanced Settings(for advanced user)" option.
  3. As you click on any of the above given option, software will prompt you to choose the type of connection. After optimizing internet settings a message displays stating that your internet settings have been optimized as shown in Figure 3.
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