How to increase the speed of PC?

How to increase PC speed? How do I increase my computer speed? Are these the questions bothering you and still haven’t found the solution. Then your search ends here, after reading this article you will definitely get to know a way to increase your PC speed and in turn increase system performance. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and get to know the best possible solution.

Many users want their PC to be super fast so that they can accomplish their task quickly and accurately. However this is not the case, when a computer is new it is very fast and many users love to use them for hours. But as days passes by, the speed of the computer reduces and the computer takes somewhere around minutes to perform a single task and people think like their PC has gone old and replace them. For all such users, here you’ll get to know about a software called Remo MORE using which you can easily transform your slow running PC to a faster computer in a matter of minutes. But before moving ahead with the process, let us see few events which are responsible in decreasing the speed of your computer.

  • Presence of junk files: Occurrence of system junk files like temporary files, browsing history, internet temporary files, cookies, cache, log files etc is one of the main reasons for your computer running slow. These files usually gets stored on your computer when you visit any websites or install unnecessary programs. Nevertheless you can easily walk away from this problem using "MORE" software

  • Too many startup programs: Automated startup programs are also a reason behind reduced computer performance, i.e. whenever you download and install any software from internet, the tool by default starts up automatically after system restart. This increases booting time and reduces computer speed. However you can manually change the settings in computer to overcome this problem. The steps are given below:

  • Open "Run" --> Type "msconfig.exe" and then "Enter" -->System Configuration utility opens up --> Go to "Startup" tab --> Uncheck all the unwanted application --> And at last click "Ok"

  • Improper Registry settings: If any deadly virus / malwares infect your PC, then the speed of your computer decreases. These viruses create improper registry settings in your system registry and slow down the computer. And in order to overcome this problem, you can make use of Remo MORE software which automatically identifies and removes unwanted registry entries present in your computer

Introduction of the software:

"Remo MORE" is a finest utility ever designed to increase PC speed on both Windows and Mac platform. This application helps you perform many advanced tasks, which helps in increasing your computer speed in short amount of time. The "One Click Clean" option present in the software speeds up your computer by removing the PC history, clearing junk files etc in just one mouse click.

Few Useful Tips:

  • Defrag your PC hard disk on a regular basis
  • Scan and remove unwanted files from your computer on a daily or weekly basis
  • Uninstall unwanted software from your desktop / laptop computer
  • Stop adding files to your computer after its storage memory is full

Learn how to increase PC Speed using MORE:

  1. Download and install MORE software in your computer and launch it. After launching select "Optimize" option from Main window as shown in Figure 1.
  2. From the next screen select "Privacy Cleaner" option as depicted in Figure 2.
  3. Select "One Click Clean" option from the next window to clean junk files, browser activity, Trash file etc as shown in Figure 3.
  4. As soon as you click on one click clean you will get a list of items that are need to be deleted to increase PC speed as shown in Figure 4. Click on "Clean" button to delete those items. Now the software starts cleaning the junk files, browser junk, program junk. You can view this process through progress bar. As the process gets completed you will get a summary of the items you cleaned.
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Safe and Secure
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