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How to increase Windows 8 startup speed?

Windows 8 is a latest Operating System developed and marketed by Microsoft for personal computers. Microsoft has made many changes in Windows 8, to provide advanced functions and attractive user interface. Like other versions of Windows OS, the Windows 8 may also take more time to boot over the time. There are many reasons why Windows 8 computer takes more time to start. If you are getting this problem and want to increase startup speed Windows 8, then you can use Remo Optimizer software. By using this software, you can increase Windows 8 booting speed.

How does Remo Optimizer works?

There are many applications that start to run in the background while starting your computer. These applications running in the background, Windows 8 will take more time to start. In order to increase Windows 8 booting speed, you have to disable all unnecessary startup programs. By running Remo Optimizer software on your computer, you can get the list of all startup programs and you can disable them. This software is capable to identify all startup programs by using an inbuilt scanning algorithm. After disabling unwanted startup programs, restart your Windows 8 computer to increase booting speed effectively.

One more reason for slow boot up is file or hard drive fragmentation on your computer. Hard drive fragmentation means a single file is scattered as many pieces across different places on hard drive. When you are accessing this file, the read/write head will need more time to collect all pieces of this file to open it for you. Similarly while your system is booting up, the fragmented files of Operating System takes more time to access. Thus the Operating System may take more time to get ready for use, due to fragmented data.

In order to resolve above problem, you need to defrag files or hard drive. You can defrag hard drive by using Remo Optimizer software. This software is more powerful to defrag data on hard disk and increase the system speed. You can also analyze hard drive before and after defragmentation using Remo Optimizer.

Remo Optimizer software is designed with a simple user-interface to make easy to operate for professionals as well as average users. To increase Windows 8 startup speed, this software provides a few simple steps to go through, with easily understandable screenshots. You can get this software for free, to increase startup speed as well as improve overall performance of your computer. Apart from Windows 8, you can also use it for Windows 10, 8.1, 7, etc.


  • Always use quality Antivirus software, to keep your system away from viruses
  • Upgrade RAM to speed up your computer effectively. These days RAM is available pretty cheap in the market
  • Give your system a static IP address so that it will not take time asking the network for IP address
  • Clear cache, cookies, browsing history, recent document history, etc from your computer
  • Uninstall all unused programs to provide more memory space for your computer, to run applications quickly

Install Remo Optimizer to Increase Windows 8 Startup Speed:

Step1: Just you should download and install Remo Optimizer utility on your system. Now, run the application it will start scanning your PC figure 1

Step2: Then, click on Fast Startup option, it will display all the avaiable applications. Select the one which you want to remove and just click on Remove from Startup option figure 2

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