Increase Windows 7 startup speed

Windows 7 is one of the well-known and reliable Operating System used all over the world. Windows 7 has been designed with several advanced features to provide best performance and user-friendly interface for all levels of users. Even though your system works very well in the beginning but over time you may get the problem of slow system startup speed. There are many technical issues behind why Windows 7 system becomes at slow start up speed. However, you can fix it and increase Windows 7 startup speed by using Remo Optimizer software.

Remo Optimizer software is very simple to use as you can fix the slow start up speed within 3 simple steps. What you all need to do is just download and install this software on your computer. After running this software, you will get the list of applications that are responsible to bring down your system startup speed. Then disable the programs which you are not using anymore. Once you have finished this process, your system can work faster and increases booting speed.

This software is not only used to increase Windows 7 startup speed but it can also improve overall performance of your computer. You can use this software, to remove all junk files from your computer to make it run faster. It has been designed using a sophisticated technology, to fix all errors causing your computer to run slowly. With the help of this software, you can remove all junk files, clear cache, clean PC junk, defrag hard drive, delete Recycle Bin files, clean registry and clear browsing history. You can remove all these items instantly with a few mouse clicks.

Remo Optimizer tool is fully automated so that you need not to manually fix your computer errors. With the help of this software you can scan your system for all files that are making your computer slow. You can optimize system startup settings to utilize its resources effectively to accomplish any task. It is fast and easy to use software. Apart from Windows 7, it can also be used on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8...

Useful Tips:

  • In the BIOS settings wizard, go to the "Advanced BIOS Feature" option and then select "First Boot Device" option. After that choose "HDD-O" as it can help you to increase computer startup speed.
  • To increase system speed, it is also important to remove all unwanted desktop icons. When you are starting the computer, it is necessary to search and display all desktop icons one by one. This process will consume lot of time if there are many desktop icons.
  • Defrag hard drive from time to time as the fragmented files are also responsible to slow down your system performance. Because of fragmented files, the system can take more time to open files and folders.
  • One can also cancel loading of Windows boot screen in order to increase computer speed.
  • Delete files from Recycle Bin to free up space for proper functioning of your system.

Guide to Increase Windows 7 Startup Speed:

Step1: Firstly, you should download and install Remo Optimizer software on your computer. Then, you have to run the software it will automatically start scanning your PC figure 1

Step2: After which, you should click on Fast Startup option, then it will display all the avaiable applications. Select the one which you want to remove and click on Remove from Startup option figure 2

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