10 best apps to protect your data on Android

In this modern era, the demand for Smartphones are raising day by day. It is because of the amazing features offered by Android. Nowadays phone can do more than just making calls, you can store contacts details, access internet, capture and store your favorite pictures, videos, send and save SMS, MMS and many others sensitive data. You can even store your media data on your smartphones and tablet PCs and these smart phones can also be easily connected to your PC.

Is it safe to save your data on Android based smartphones? Have you ever thought of the ways of protecting your data from data loss situations? If your device gets infected by virus or the memory gets corrupt, then what will you do? You will lose your data; There is no need to worry much! Actually there are many apps that can protect your data from these situations. This page list 10 best apps that can protect your vital Android data:

Mobile Security Apps:

  • McAfee Mobile security: This app offers data privacy. It offers an efficient and reliable virus security features to your Android based devices. This app protects your device from thefts and viruses. Few of the effective features of this app are app protection, call and SMS filter and Safe mobile surfing. This app comes in free trial version, after which you can purchase the app.
  • Kaspersky Mobile security: It is the most widely used security app, which can secure your data. Its main features are anti-spam, anti-virus, privacy protections, parental controls, data encryption and even firewall protection. It even has a phone tracking feature that can track your Android phone and shows its location on a Google map. One of its unique features of this app is that it can wipe off your data entirely i.e. contacts, call details and SMS details etc. when you change your SIM card.
  • Smart App Protector: At times, your apps might go out of control; you may have to lose your data. Smart App protector will protect all your apps using a pass-word code and prevents the apps from turning-off its screens and from auto-rotating when apps are open.

Android Lock:

  • Perfect App protector: It is the perfect AppLock solution for your Android device. With this app you can lock your applications from any unauthorized users with a password. These apps can be your pictures, camera, USB connect, Calendar, Messenger, email etc.

Data Sharing apps:

  • Drop Box: It is a popular cloud service app designed for Android. It helps you to share all your documents, photos, videos and many other important files easily. When you install Dropbox on your computer; any file that is saved on your Dropbox will also be saved an all your computers, your Android device and even in the Dropbox website.
  • Box App for Android: It is a simple and secure Android app that enables you to make use of the cloud storage service. You can store all your data online and can access them from your laptop, tab, personal computer or your Android phones. You can easily transfer bulk files online effortlessly.

Data Backup apps:

  • Titanium:  It is the most powerful Android data backup app using which you can backup, freeze, and restores all your apps, data and even some links. It can be your protected apps, system apps, and external data on the SD cards. You can back up any data like photos, sms, videos, bookmarks, backup multiple apps etc.
  • McAfee WaveSecure:  This app enables you to back up your favorite pictures, videos, songs, and even your messages. Not only shows the current location of the device but also plots the other locations in the vicinity of the mobile. Also, this feature works well even when the GPS is turned off. Some of the main features of this app are remote wiping, locking, backup and data restore, location and SIM tracking etc.
  • Lookout Mobile Security: This is a free app that protects your mobile device from threats such as malicious apps, Wi-Fi networks, fraudulent links and many other mobile threats. You can even make use of this app to back up your contacts and even schedule automatic backups. It allows you to access your information online that can be used to recover your data in cases of data loss situations.
  • BullGuard Mobile Security: With this app you need to create an online account using which you can easily access your smartphone data. Even when you lose your device, you can lock it and wipe off the data remotely by using this online account. It even comes with other features like backup / restore, SIM card protection, firewall, spam filter and many others.

These are the 10 the best apps used for protecting your data on Android from virus infection and unauthorized access. In case of online data sharing and backup you can protect your data from some unavoidable data loss situations.

However, there may arise a situation in which you may format your device or your Android device gets crashed. In such cases, if you do not even have an online account of the data backup apps or sharing apps, you will lose all your vital files on Android. When you encounter such situations, don’t get tensed, just make use of Remo Recover for Android software. With the help of this unique application, user can recover pictures from Android phone easily. Hence, utilize the above mentioned apps and protect your Android data from such data loss situations.

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