10 Best Features of Office 365

Office 365 is the online version of Microsoft Office which was launched in 2011. Earlier, it was targeted for corporate users. After the advent of Office 2013, Office 365 got more prominence even among general users. Actually it is a cloud based application which works on multiple devices ranging from your Phone, PC and Tablets. Also, it can be used to access your files anywhere. There are many features which makes Office 365 the best online document editing tool that you ever need. Let us see some of them.

Multiple users editing a single document at the same time: A single document can be edited by your whole team at the same time in Office 365. When your file is being edited by yourself, you will see the document changing according to the edits others make in your document.

Chat while working: There is a “Chat” button which helps you to Skype with your friends while you are editing your document. The chat will continue even if you close Office 365 apps.

Link attachments: You can send a link to the document instead of sending the whole document in Office 365. These are advantageous in big companies. You can assign editing permissions before sending the link.

Email Page button: You can add calendar meeting details to your notes automatically in Office 365. Then you can email the notes to your team using the “Email Page” button.

Lasso Select: Convert scribbles to text and drawings with the help of this option. You can edit it or use the "Ink to Text” or “Math” option to change the scribbles into regular text and numbers.

Clutter: Microsoft’s version of Gmail’s new user interface is "Clutter."  It’s like Microsoft prioritizing your messages based on your selection.

Power Map: The latest version of Excel includes a cool new feature called the Power Map. It helps convert rows of data into images. The power of Excel is how easily it turns data into charts. With the latest version, this function has become better.

Quick Analysis: All your data will be collected and will be presented in the form of lines, bars, charts, etc. with the help of this feature.

Flash Fill: Flash Fill monitors what you are doing and helps you with perfect suggestions which makes your work simplified.

Save as PDF: You can also save a Word file as a PDF (click File > Export > Create PDF/XPS), or save just a portion of a file as a PDF (select a page range). And you can password-protect the PDF, too.

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