10 Important Do's and Don'ts When SD Card is Corrupted

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No one will be ready to lose their important files that too media files stored on SD card.  But there are some reasons which make you lose media files from SD card. One such factor is SD card corruption.  There are numerous causes due to which SD card gets corrupted and becomes inaccessible. We can take precautions to avoid SD card, but some situations are unpredictable, which lead to SD card corruption even after taking preventive measures.

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But there are some do’s and don’ts you have to follow after SD card corruption. It helps you to avoid SD card from further getting corrupted.

Important steps you have to take after your SD card gets corrupted-

  • Reboot the device

Whether it is a camera or smartphone in which you have corrupted SD card, reboot it. Because rebooting helps you to solve many issues which result in SD card corruption.

  • Eliminating Write Protection

If SD card is inaccessible, we come to the conclusion that it is corrupted. But, this is not the case. Sometimes, you might fail to access your SD card due to write protection. Hence, ensure that the SD card is not write protected. If it is write protected remove write protection from SD card.

  • Scan using Anti-Virus Software

If your SD card is corrupted due to virus infection, then run Anti-virus software to remove virus infection from SD card.  Use reliable antivirus software instead of trial version. Free version fails to detect the virus on your SD card.

  • Fix bad Sectors

If bad sectors are the reason for SD card corruption, then you have to fix them. To fix bad sectors, connect your SD card to computer and run error checking tool. It scans, locates and fixes bad sectors on your SD card.

  • Formatting the Card

In case, file system corruption is the main cause for SD card damage, then you have to format it to set up a new file system. Formatting can also help get rid of Viruses. however, there may be ways to repair your SD card without formatting.

  • Use Remo Memory Card Recovery tool

In case, any of the above method doesn’t help you to fix the issue, then last chance is opting Remo Memory Card recovery tool. It helps you to recover data from corrupted SD card. You can get back pictures from damaged SD card easily using this tool. Later you can replace your card.

These are the techniques which you can opt once your SD card got corrupt to fix and recover data from damaged SD card. Likewise, below I have mentioned some points, which you have to follow, soon after SD card corruption-

  • Take your SD card from storage device and stop using it until you get back your data
  • Don’t use SD card on camera or smartphone when they have low power supply
  • Don’t ever download unknown files on your SD card as they may have viruses in it
  • Avoid removing SD card from any device abruptly

If you follow these tips and tricks, then you can easily fix the issue or at least get back your data from corrupted SD card.

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