10 Tips and Tricks for iPhone

Apple always produces devices that are innate to use. iPhone is one of them, this phone is packed with many features and it’s common for users to miss some of them. Along with useful features, some tips and tricks are also there which makes your device very easy to use. That is why; I am providing some tips and tricks for iPhone users so that they can take all the benefits of their device easily.

Here I have explained few tips and tricks to use iPhone device very efficiently. Just go through and use them to get access to iPhone feature.

  • In iPhone one can even take a photo using headphone cord. However, everyone should know that you can capture photo with your iPhone by pressing the volume up button.
  • You can perform some actions in iPhone even though its screen is locked. You can tap and hold on the home button and you can open Siri. However, by double tapping the hone button and audio control will appear.
  • You can tap and hold in the Calendar to add events. However, you can view events more quicker by pressing on the hour and this cause an event to be created at the time.
  • You can create an image of your iPhone’s screen at any point. By pressing Home and Power button at the same time a screenshot will get stored into images app.
  • You can raise your iPhone to your ear and begin barking out orders to Siri at any time, without required to touch the Home button. You need to set this, go to Settings > General > Siri > Raise to Speak.
  • You can suddenly go to top of long webpage, document, email, etc. by tap on the clock at the top of the screen.
  • You can see message character count in SMS app to achieve this go to Settings > Messages > Character Count
  • Taking a screenshot is really easy with iOS and lets you quickly record or share a photo of anything and everything on your device
  • There is a dictionary built into iOS that you can use to look up definitions at nearly all the time. While browsing if you come across unrecognizable word in Safari, then tap and hold on it. A screen will pop up is “Define”

Utilize above mentioned tips and tricks to access your iPhone very quickly and effectively. Apart from all this, sometimes users might worried about the photos and videos which are captured and stored in their iPhone like they want some of the photos and videos to be locked so that family members or friends with will not see it at all while sharing the phone. Now, you might be thinking, how you can lock my photos on Phone? If yes, then you can make use of Remo MORE utility as it is the best solution to lock and secure photos with utmost ease.

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