10 tricks for an iMac

If you’re one of those users who loves to dig in and play with hidden features and settings of iMac, this article is for you. iMac is an all-in-one computer that features a number of built-in capabilities. Most of the people never get to know the numerous functions their iMacs have without having to install any additional software. There are some iMac tricks that are useful, learning about these tricks on your new iMac will increase your efficiency and enjoyment of your new computer.

Below are few tricks and shortcuts that will enable you to compute iMac more quickly. Checkout below:

Create PDF

On your iMac, you no need to look for a program to create PDF files. Your iMac comes with a built-in PDF creator that allows you to create a PDF from any file you want to print. For this just use the PDF button in the Print dialogue box and create your industry-standard PDF files.

Pocket Address Book

iMac lets you create a pocket-size copy of your email address book which can be used when you want to carry your address book around wherever you go. Go into your address book, create or select a group of contacts, and click on the “Pocket Address Book” option on your Print dialogue.

Built-In Dictionary

In newer programs which are Cocoa-based, your iMac let's you get the meaning of any word in any document. This can be done just by placing your cursor over the word and pressing “Apple”, “Ctrl” and “D”. Now you’ll get a pop-up dictionary excerpt below the highlighted word.

Stacks Slow Motion

Stacks are the folders on the dock that are placed along the bottom of your iMac. Clicking on any one of the folder opens the stack to disclose all the sub folders within that main folder. This is called a stack. You may at times, want to allow these stacks to open in slow motion. To do this, just hold “Shift” and click on one of your dock's stacks, or hit "F12" to invoke the Dashboard, your stacks will now open in slow motion.

External Drive

If you want to move huge your files to an iMac from another then you can use the iMac's Target Disk Mode”. During startup just press the “T” key this will turn your iMac into an external FireWire drive. Now, you can just plug it into another Mac with a FireWire cable and simply copy files back and forth.

Wide Zoom

On iMac you can zoom at will, by using its two-finger track pad trick. Just hold “Command” key, and drag two fingers up your iMac's Trackpad. If you wish you can set this feature up then press "Ctrl + Cmd + Opt + 8

Activate Screen Corners

You can make your iMac more efficient by putting the corners of your screen to work. Just assign actions to each corner of your iMac desktop by activating screen corners. Go to “System Preferences” and select “Expose & Spaces”. Now, just set actions for each corner of your desktop after which you can perform those actions with a swipe of the mouse.

Enable Audio on iMac

You can make your iMac talk as you type. To make your iMac read any text file to you type “say -f nameoftextfile.txt” and make sure you use the actual name of the text file in the command. Now, launch your terminal with your speakers on and type something; your iMac will say it to you.

Set Photo Slideshow

Group your photographs in the folders, select the needed ones, and hit the “Slideshow” button from the Action Menu in your Finder window to start a slideshow. This brings up the first image and the slideshow controls.

Baby Monitoring

This is a neat trick for iMac owners who have a baby. If you have an iMac and Mac laptop, then you can set the laptop up in your baby's room and start a one-way video chat with the laptop from your iMac. You can now have a baby monitor, which displays the picture and sound.

With the above explained tricks you can make your iMac more enjoyable. You will now be able to utilize the iMac’s all features and abilities easily and effectively. Make sure you have proper data backup before you change any settings as there is a risk of losing your vital data. In case you lose your data from your iMac then just utilize the Remo Recover Mac software that can easily recover data from iMac hard drive with just few mouse clicks.

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