3 Must have Applications on Mac

When you hear the word “application” you immediately think of those small programs for your smartphone. However, an app is simply any piece of software that serves some kind of purpose, either online, on your computer or on any another electronic device.

When you purchase a new Mac, OS X it comes with so many built in pieces of software. For few, these applications will be sufficient and don’t need much more. But for some there are a select few apps out there that truly make the Mac better. Using the additional apps would make your Mac OS more comfortable and secure.

The top 3 must have OS X Applications is a list of tools that are a must install as soon as you pop the white box open. Without any further rambling, let’s get to the list of amazing software that you should install on your Mac OS X. The Top 3 Must Have OS X Apps:

Data Recovery App 

You might be surprised to see this app in the list of top 3 apps, right? But that’s the fact!! Above all, why you use computers just to store and retrieve data easily isn’t it? Hence, it’s always important to make sure your data is safe. However, in some inevitable circumstances you might delete your vital files unknowingly and empty the Mac Trash without checking its contents. Even in some worst cases your Mac hard drive might crash due to unknown reasons. Due to these unexpected you might lose your precious data. Of course Mac OS X has in-built data security and recovery features, but they have their own limitations.

However, there is nothing much to worry!! In such instances you can make use of Remo Recover Mac application that recovers all your files from your Mac irrespective of the reason behind their loss. It works beyond the boundary and helps you to retrieve all files from all storage devices and supports all Mac OS x versions.

File Compression App

File compression plays a vital role in memory utilization. Even when you are sending the files of larger sizes over internet it’s always advisable to send them in a compressed ZIP format. This prevents the files from getting corrupt and even reduces the storage space for saving these files. With these compressed files, you can send or save a bunch of files as a single file. The best tool to perform this compression is Remo Zip for Mac, which can safely compress the files with just few mouse clicks.

Unlike others inbuilt compression tools this app helps you to split the compressed .zip file and save them at different locations. Its instant drag and drop features assists you to add or remove the files from the compressed file effortlessly and safely without damaging the file.

MOV Repair Application

Not all video files that you downloaded online or transferred through USB devices support your QuickTime music players. Some of those videos might get damaged at the midst of playing it or some incompatibility issues results in corruption. Whatever it is, MOV corruption on Mac has become the most common subject nowadays. Hence, its becomes necessary to be aware of the tool that can fix these MOV files. Remo Repair Mov (Mac) is one such app that can successfully fix your severely corrupt MOV file on your Mac. I accept the unplayable MOV file and render a healthy, playable MOV file.

That’s the power of these three apps. They a vital role in managing, recurring and repair your vital files with minimum or no effort and time. Hence, as soon as you install Mac, make sure you have these three apps in your system to manage your files efficiently. If you already have Mac and using it for years, then never be late, make it fast and download them now to grasp your Mac data in your fingertips.

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