3 quick ways to recover iTunes music

Music is the strongest form of magic, wish you knew some magic when you realise losing iTunes music. Trying to recover iTunes music doesn’t require any magic, this article is well compiled with various solutions to help you restore iTunes music.

It is a known fact that iTunes is one of the most used music services across the world. Users spend hundreds of dollars every month to enjoy their favourite music. However losing music from iPod or computer makes you really feel bad. Let us see ways to recover iTunes music that is lost from iPod or computer.

What is iTunes library and How to recover iTunes music?

Apart from iTunes library which holds information to organise your music, iTunes also has a media folder which contains the information of music, videos, books, podcasts, etc.

Songs you have purchased from iTunes will be available here. Even if you lost iTunes music they can be downloaded again from iTunes.
iTunes library will just have the information of the music files or playlists you have created. Losing these playlists makes it impossible to recover iTunes music. However, the songs downloaded from iTunes and other platforms onto the computer can be recovered using Remo Recover, efficient data recovery software.

For a swift recovery of your music files lost on your Apple devices, make use of Remo Recover. Equipped with a powerful scan engine, all the music files lost on your iPod classic are found and retrieved.

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There are three ways you can retrieve iTunes music as listed below:

  • Restoring music from backup
  • Recovering iTunes music from iPhone
  • Recovering saved iTunes music on computer or iPod

Method 1: How to recover iTunes music from backup

It is a good practice to take regular backup of data on an external storage device. In case you have lost your iTunes music library follow these simple steps to recover iTunes music from backup:

  • Connect the external hard drive containing the backup of iTunes music.
  • Click on My computer (in Windows) or Finder (in mac) to open the external hard drive
  • Find the iTunes folder from the external hard drive, copy the folder to the default location of iTunes on computer
  • The default location of iTunes on Windows is My music folder and Music folder on mac
  • If there is an old library folder existing it will ask you to replace it. Copy the contents of the existing folder into the new iTunes folder. Later replace it with the new one to avoid losing old iTunes library
  • Now launch iTunes holding the shift button in Windows or option button in mac, it will ask you to choose between Quit, Create Library or Choose Library
  • Click on Choose library and select the folder that you just copied from the external hard drive
  • Now that you have successfully restored iTunes music library from backup you can restart iTunes and enjoy the music.

Method 2: Restore iTunes music using iPhone

If you are an iPhone user who uses iTunes on both computer and phone, it is simple that you always will be having a backup of the iTunes music library on your phone even if you have lost it on your computer. Here is how you recover iTunes music using iPhone

  • Connect your iPhone to the hard drive where you want to recover iTunes music
  • Once connected successfully iTunes notifies to sync or setup the device again, do not sync or setup the device again which will erase everything on your device.
  • Use the transfer purchases option on your iPhone to copy everything you need to restore on to computer
  • Transfer purchases option allows you transfer all the purchased items like songs, podcasts etc. to other compatible devices.to do that go to File > Devices > Transfer Purchases from [device name]
  • You will have to re-authorise the connected hard drive or computer with iTunes to be able to play the content on iTunes.
  • Once you have completed transferring all the data from phone to computer, you can setup the phone to sync with your computer again.

Recovering iTunes music from iPhone can only help you recover lost iTunes library. To recover all other music files that cannot be accessed from iPhone or backup you need a reliable data recovery software like Remo Recover.

Note: Regardless of its efficiency Remo hard drive recovery software can only work if you have saved all the iTunes music onto the computer hard drive or iPod at any given point in time.

Remo Recover not only helps you to recover iTunes music from hard drive or iPod along with other files. With this advanced data recovery you can also Preview the files that are available for recovery before saving them on to the device.

Method 3: 5 steps to Recover iTunes music from computer| Windows or Mac

  • Download and install Remo Recover on your Windows or mac computer other than the crashed computer
  • Launch the software and Select Recover Drives
    recover drives home screen
  • In the next screen click on Partition Recovery
  • The software lists the number of available drives, select your iPod and click on next to start scanning in order to recover iTunes music
  • After completion of the scanning process, the software lists available files for recovery
    remo recover file type view
  • You can click on any file to Preview and later save them on to the desired location.
    preview of recovered files
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