3 Quick ways to Recover iTunes Music

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Trying to recover music files from iTunes? Worry no more, this articles has everything you need to know on how to recover lost music files from iTunes easily with the help of a professional data recovery software- Remo Recover

Losing music on iTunes is a common thing, which most users experience. When you open your iTunes, you might observe that all your songs, albums, or playlists are deleted or lost from the iTunes Library. But you need not worry! 

Most Users spend their time streaming favorite music on iPhone through Apple music. However, losing purchased music from iTunes can be really bad. Let us find out different ways to recover iTunes music that is lost from the iPod, iPhone, or computer.

How to Recover Music from iTunes? 

Apart from the iTunes library which holds information to organize your music, iTunes also has a media folder that contains information on music, videos, books, podcasts, etc. Music, albums, or songs you have purchased from iTunes will be available here. Even if you lost iTunes music it can be easily downloaded again from the iTunes application.

iTunes library will just have the information about the music files or playlists you have created. Losing these playlists makes it impossible to recover iTunes music. However, the songs downloaded from iTunes and other media platforms onto the Windows or Mac can be recovered using Remo Recover software. 

Make use of Remo Recover software for the safe recovery of your lost or deleted music files from your Windows or Mac. This Mac Audio Recovery tool is equipped with powerful data recovery programs to restore all formats of music files lost or deleted on Windows or Mac computers.

Methods to Recover iTunes Music 

Here are the 3 reliable ways to retrieve iTunes music:

  1. Recover music from the iTunes application
  2. Recover iTunes music from backup
  3. Recover iTunes music using iPhone

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Method 1: How to Recover Music from iTunes

If you have bought a new computer or lost any music files on iTunes Library after performing any operations like updating the device, etc. You can make use of the iTunes application to recover music files from it.

  1. Go to iTunes and click on the iTunes store.
    Open iTunes Application
  2. On the right-hand side of the screen, you will find the Music column, under which select the Purchases option.
    Click on Store, Choose View Account
  3. Now, you will find all your songs or albums you have purchased or downloaded on iTunes on a specific iTunes account.
  4. Now, you can either download individual music files which you want to get back or you can download all the available music on iTunes to your iTunes Library.

Most of the time, you might not see the purchased iTunes music files on your iTunes or Music app. This could be due to the hidden iTunes music files. In such cases, follow the simple steps to unhide them;  

How to Unhide iTunes Music Files?

  1. Open iTunes application
  2. Click on the Store button and choose View Account.
    (Note: You might be asked to verify your account)
    Choose view Account
  3. On the Account Information window, click on Manage to the right of Hidden purchases.
    Click on Manage
  4. Now, you can click on the Unhide button below the music file to restore it on iTunes Music Library.

Method 2: How to Recover iTunes Music from Backup

It is a good practice to take regular backup of data on an external storage device. In case you have lost your iTunes music library, follow these simple steps to recover iTunes music from backup.

  • Connect the external hard drive containing the backup of iTunes music to your Mac or Windows.
  • Click on My Computer (on Windows) or Finder (on Mac) to open the external hard drive.
    Click on Finder
  • Find the iTunes folder from the external hard drive, copy the folder to the default location of iTunes on the computer
    (Note: The default location of iTunes on Windows is My music folder and Music folder on Mac).
    Music Folder
  • If there is an old library folder existing, it will ask you to replace it. So copy the contents of the existing folder into the new iTunes folder. Later, replace it with the new one to avoid losing the old iTunes library.
  • Now launch iTunes by holding the shift button in Windows or the options button on Mac, it will ask you to choose between Quit, Create Library or Choose Library.
  • Click on Choose library and select the folder that you just copied from the external hard drive.
    Click on Choose library
  • Now that you have successfully restored the iTunes music library from the backup, you can restart iTunes and enjoy the music.

Method 3: Restore iTunes Music using iPhone

If you are an iPhone user who uses iTunes on both computer and iPhone. Then, it is simple that you would be having a backup of the iTunes music library on your iPhone even if you have lost it on Windows or Mac. Here is how to recover iTunes music using iPhone

  • Connect your iPhone to the computer where you want to recover iTunes music.
  • Once connected successfully, iTunes notifies to sync or set up the device again.
    (Note: Do not sync or set up the device again which will erase everything on your device).
  • Use the transfer purchases option on your iPhone to copy everything you need to restore to the computer.
    (Note: Transfer purchases option allows you to transfer all the purchased items like songs, podcasts, etc. to other compatible devices.)
  • To do that go to File > Devices > Transfer Purchases from [device name].
  • You will have to re-authorize the connected hard drive or computer with iTunes to be able to play the content on iTunes.
  • Once, you have completed transferring all the data from the iPhone to the computer, you can set up the iPhone to sync with your computer again.

Recovering iTunes music from your iPhone can only help you recover your lost iTunes library. To recover all other music files that cannot be accessed from iPhone or backup you need a reliable data recovery software like Remo Recover.

Note: Regardless of the efficiency of Remo Hard Drive Recovery software, it can only work if you have lost iTunes music files after saving them to Windows or Mac.

Quick Note: iPhone and iPod Touch from the 5th generation is not supported.

How to Recover iTunes Music Files using Remo Recover software on Windows and Mac?

Utilize Remo Recover, a user-friendly tool designed to recover more than 300 file formats like music files, videos, Office files, photos, raw-images, etc. including deleted iTunes backup file. Remo Recover is compatible with all the latest versions of Windows and Mac operating systems including Windows 10 and macOS Catalina and macOS Big Sur.

Recover Music Files from Windows

Download and install Remo Recover For Windows;

  • Launch the software, Select the drive on which you have lost or deleted your audio files, and click the Scan button to start the scanning process.
    select the drive from where you want to recover lost music files
  • After the scanning process completes, all your lost or deleted files including iTunes music files will be recovered.
  • Finally, select the iTunes music files which you want to recover and save them to any location of your choice.

Recover Music Files from Mac

Download and install Remo Recover For Mac;

  •  Launch the software, and select the Recover Volumes/ Drives option.
    click on recover volumes
  • Click the Volumes Recovery option and then select the drive on which you have lost or deleted your music files, and click theNext button.
  • Select the Advance scan option, and wait till the data recovery process completes. Now, all your lost or deleted files including iTunes music files will be recovered on Mac.
  • Select the music files which you want to recover and save them to any location of your choice.
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