3 Great Tips for Buying an External Hard Drive

Recently, I have realized that most people for right reasons want to buy an external hard drive. It’s important to keep in mind these 3 tips before you buy an external hard drive.

After all, photos, videos, work documents, and personal files, each of these have their own importance. They definitely need to be safe and what better way to back up your data than in an external hard drive. But, is it enough to just go out and buy an external hard drive. The answer is no. Whenever, you buy an external hard drive, make sure you buy the best one, which will last you a long time and will keep your data safe.

Before you buy, make a list of the simple things or the reasons that you need an external hard drive. This will help you buy the one that you need and will serve its purpose the best way. Like for example, How much of data do you have? What are your other backups for these files? Are these files only work documents or is it mixed with personal files as well? The answer to these questions will help give you a clear idea of what you are looking for and what you should buy?

If you are still confused, do not worry. Continue reading this article to know the 3 great tips for buying an external hard drive.

3 Tips for Buying an External Hard Drive

1. Storage Capacity: As it was mentioned above, it is important to know how much data you have that needs to be stored. Remember, this external hard drive is your backup for all your data. When you are buying an external hard drive, it is not only for your existing data but also, for the data that you will need to store in the future. Always, buy an external hard drive that is twice the size of what you need. Buying an external hard drive can be expensive and you don’t want to spend again on this. It is better to make a good one-time investment with a large storage capacity. For example, you may need or require only 120 GB but it is always better to buy on with 250 GB. If you have a larger file type, go with something that has more storage capacity.

2. Transfer Speed: If you are going to back up your data every weekend or every other week. Then, it is always better to buy an external hard drive that has good speed. If you are going to use it to mostly store large files like videos then, you have to buy a device that takes in data from your computer more quickly. For example, a hard drive with USB 3.0 interface will always be better in comparison to USB 2.0 interface. Even though USB 2.0 is more common, the interface copies your files at 10 times slower speed than, a USB 3.0.

3. Compatibility: It is very important to know whether the external hard drive you are planning to buy is compatible with your system. So, let’s start with, do you have a PC or a Mac? Make sure to remember this, as some hard drives are only compatible with either PC or Mac and not both. If you end up buying a PC specific hard drive for Mac, you will have to reformat the hard drive or be limited to the one that is PC specific. The same rules apply for Mac specific.

While, transferring data to your external hard drive if you realize some of the files are not required on your hard drive. Then, you can go ahead and delete them. But, make sure to pay attention while doing so. If you end up deleting some important files in the process, Do Not Panic! It’s not unusual for something like this to happen. In such a situation you can always click on, restoring files after deletion from an external hard disk and get the necessary answers.

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