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Zip files are the most common way to transfer and keep files in a compressed form. There are a number of file formats to create a compressed archive file. File extensions like ZIP, RAR, 7Z are common archive types. These formats are largely used to create a compressed file archive. Out of which, here are some ways to open 7 Zip Files.

The 7 Zip files are compressed archive files with an extension of .7z file. these are created with an open source software known as 7-Zip. Many of the compressed files use this compression method to keep files. Opening a compressed file with 7 Z extension is quite easy as far as you do it carefully. These archives might get corrupt due to any reason like improper transfer, improper compression or using a flawed software to open the files. Corrupted or broken 7zip files are required to be fixed with the help of any external tool to repair zip files.

The 7 Zip files are created to make lossless compression archive. It lags behind in some aspects from the other compression formats, but surely it is used to maintain the compression quality.

Here are 3 ways to open 7 Zip files

7 Zip Website for Windows

For windows users, it is almost free to unzip the 7z archive files. The easiest way being the use of the open source 7 Zip website. These files are a compressed archive type and the content is inaccessible until there it is extracted. The extraction method here would be the use of the website to unzip the compressed files. it is a free and open source for windows users.

1 – Go to the 7 Zip website – 7-zip.org and go to the download tab.

2 – Look for the relevant file from the table – The table consists of a download link with the file type and operating system, select the one that is adequate for you.

3 – Select the Save location and click “Save”.

4 – Open the 7-zip.exe file and click “Run”.

5 – Open the 7 Zip file you want to access and browse through the content on 7 zip window.

6 – select the file and click “Extract”

7 - To set the location press the […] button and then click “OK”.

This will unzip the files to the designated folder. Now you have all the access to the files that were compressed.

Other Tool for Windows

There are other tools that you can use on windows for the extraction of 7 Zip files. WinZip for windows is one such great tool to perform the task. It helps to extract the .7z compressed file on windows. using this tool is quite easy as you can find it in most of the computers.

The 7 Z files are compressed for a lossless file archive transfer or just to keep it low. The WinZip is among the most convenient ways to extract all the archived compressed files.

1 – Get the WinZip tool from winzip.com on your windows.

2 – Click download and set the download path for WinZip installer

3 – Run the installation and open the WinZip tool.

4 – Open the 7 Z file into display on the WinZip window

5 – Click “1-click unzip” option on the menu bar on the top of the window.

6 – Click on “Unzip to PC or Cloud” and select the location.

7 – Click “Unzip” to extract 7 zip files to the destination.

The WinZip is very convenient and you can use it for free as a trial. The WinZip tool is actually a paid tool, but you can have it a trial period of 30 days.

Extract 7zip on Mac

The 7 Zip files are also easily to open on Mac OS. You can easily unzip the .7z files on your Mac system with the help of Unarchiver. Users are able to find this application on the App Store for your Mac. And take help of this tool to get access to the 7z compressed files.

1 – Search for “Unarchiver” on your App store and click “Get”

2 – Click “Install” to open the app on your Mac computer – To do it properly, follow the instructions given on the installation screen closely.

3 – Launch Unarchiver and find the archive type which tells the associated files.

4 – From the File format list, select 7-Zip archive.

5 – Go to the extraction tab and select “Ask for a destination folder” option from the drop down.

6 – Click the 7 zip file to access and set the destination folder from the pop-up.

7 – Click “Extract” to open the desired files from the destination folder.

You can access any of the 7 zip files on your Mac with the help of Unarchiver. This extracts the .7z extension files with lossless compression.

Thus, you get these three simple ways in which you can access your 7zip files. There are other options and tools to open .7z files, but these three enlisted methods are easiest ones.

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