5 Outlook Hints Everyone Should Know

Apart from Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook is the most popular desktop email client today, by maintaining a market share of 7.0 % since last October. For PC users, thinking about an alternate email client other than Outlook is somewhat hard. But, even the regular Outlook users are unaware of the productivity features in the tool.

Here’re five Outlook hints that you can use to improve your productivity while using Outlook.

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Hint 1: Desktop Alerts

It’s a very simple option- whenever you receive a new email, you’ll get a desktop alert so that you’ll get notified about the new email. This option will be very helpful for people who have to respond to emails in a timely fashion. For some people who struggle to focus on their tasks, this option can be really distracting. For them, it’s good to turn on this option.

5 outlook hints

To turn this option On, go to File -> Options -> Mail -> Message arrival tab and check “Display a Desktop alert” option.

Hint 2: Colors and Fonts

You can set predefined rules to automatically apply colors to your emails. For example, emails sent exclusively to you can be set one unique color. If the email came to you as a cc, it can assign a different color. For each field of the email, you can set different colors and fonts.

5 outlook hints

To do this, select View -> View Settings -> Conditional Formatting. Here, you can see all the predefined rules. You can change each of these rules. And, you can add your own rules here.

Hint 3: Set Public Holidays

Some of you might be aware of this Outlook Calendar feature – to automatically add public holidays based on your location. Outlook Calendar has more than 100 locations to choose your own location.

5 outlook hints

To enable this option, go to File -> Options -> Calendar -> Add Holidays. Here, you can choose your location for which you want to get holidays.

5 outlook hints

Here, I chose the United States and it’s showing all the US holidays for the month of November.

Hint 4: Mark as Read

When your selection changes, Outlook marks your emails as read. This is a default Outlook setting. Many people don’t like this setting and they want to manually mark messages as read. This can do within a simple step.

5 outlook hints

For that, go to File -> Options -> Mail -> Reading pane -> Uncheck “Mark items as read when selection changes

Hint 5: Working with Quick Steps

You can automate your repeated tasks in Outlook using quick steps. you can see a set of predefined quick steps in the middle of home tab. You can change these predefined steps and add your own. For that, click the drop-down on the right of Quick Steps options and click “New Quick Step”.

5 outlook hints

Thus you can create a custom sequence of actions that you can do just using a mouse click.  There are another “manage quick steps” options to edit the existing quick steps sequences.

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