5 Photoshop Mistakes You Should Not Repeat

Photoshop CC has become an inevitable tool to edit raster images. But, editing mistakes are hard to avoid. Even master Photoshop designers make mistakes.  Here, you’ll find some common Photoshop mistakes that you should avoid.

1. Forgetting to Save Files at Regular Intervals

There are some things that you can’t control on your computer including hardware malfunctions, OS crash, power failure, etc. Here comes a common mistake from most of the people working in Photoshop or any similar applications – not saving their work at regular intervals. We know the things described above are hard to control and these things can utterly destroy whatever work you’ve done in Photoshop so far. So better, save your files regularly.

2. Using 72dpi for Photo Printing

By default, Photoshop uses 72dpi (dots per inch). While editing such a dpi label won’t cause you any problem. But, if you go on printing with this, you won’t get a quality print. It’d be more pixelated than you thing. To get the best quality prints, make sure that you’re using 300 dpi.


3. Saving Copies of your PSD File

We discussed things like OS crash, the power failure that can affect your Photoshop work. Sometimes, even you’ve saved your Photoshop PSD files properly, these kinds of snags may damage your PSD files. One thing you can do to avoid such a situation is to take enough precaution – by saving copies of your PSD files in a different location other than your computer.


If you’re failed to do so, the only option left for you would be repairing damaged PSD files and it can be a really frustrating situation for a Photoshop user.

4. Trying to Create Vector Graphics

Well, even Photoshop has options to create vector shapes and graphics, no professionals recommend Photoshop as a vector graphics editing tool. Its reason is simple – there are many advanced vector graphics tools that can create vector graphics better than what Photoshop does. Illustrator, CorrelDraw, etc. are examples.


5. Working with Large Number of Layers

Sometimes, you might get puzzled if you have a large number of layers in the image you’re editing. A situation where you don’t know in which layer you’ve to put that copied object.


So, it’s best to arrange your layers under different layer groups. It’ll help you to easily arrange layers at the right place.

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